Colleagues, Hello! br>
In this short article I want to share with you a technique that allows you to reprogram your brain and go beyond the limiting patterns of life. br>
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Many of us are faced with slonasastsymn tasks someone difficult to sell, someone to build a relationship... problem is everyone is different, but the mechanics of the occurrence of one.

the level of the nervous system any situation recorded in the form of micrometric - visual, auditory, kinesthetic. br>
Bad situations are usually encrypted in a muddy and indistinct images.

a Good situation encoded in vivid images.

We can change the settings of the problematic situation in mind, to change the development of the situation. br>
If we make the image difficult and problematic situation are clear and rich, then the problem will be solved almost by itself.

For this we use the technique of clear-confusing. br>


1. Describe the context and the situation of uncertainty that you have not specifically obtained. br>
2. Any image that arises when you think of a situation of ambiguity, is placed in the space. br>
This picture (A) describes dissociative (side view) with the collection submodalities (visual, auditory and kinesthetic). br>
3. The client remembers the situation when everything was clear, the choice was clear and understandable "like clockwork". br>
4. This picture (C) also set in space and described dissociirovati with the collection of submodalities. br>
5. Define in turn the differences in the submodalities for the images A and B. the Properties of the picture In turns of moving picture (the frame, color, size, etc.). br>
6. As it is now relevant to the picture And to the situation, where was the ambiguity? br>
7. Staying inside of the picture, the client attempts to determine new decisions and choices. If a sense of clarity goes, you can go and "recharge" in the picture.

8. Maintain a sense of clarity that will work on a subconscious level and give new elections. br>

This technique allows to decide, sometimes, insoluble problems, adding to the problem image encoding successful situation. br>
If you find it difficult to understand HOW it all works, then I recommend you take a - NLP practices, online course, using it you can control your nervous system and make rapid steps up. br>
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Daniel Nazarkin
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