When a woman begins to think that the man is the center of her universe, she's maybe because of this, gradually give up all our own desires and needs. Further, she feels increasingly tired but continues to try his best, because he is afraid to lose this man. And as you know, fear of loss and loneliness is one of the most destructive forces that can be.

And it is this fear and self-doubt, as a worthy woman and make them "try" to please and to please their man what is the biggest mistake in relations for any woman.

Understand that actually men arranged that when they feel the willingness of women to sacrifice and her desire to please him, they will automatically relax and don't want to make any effort to have himself somehow dogoditi his beloved and something to do to support these relationships. A woman at that time, feeling that the man was quite relaxed and did not want for her to do and starts to panic, loses it, and then even more tries to fulfill his every whim.

You find yourself in a vicious circle: - like care, for doing everything for him (even what not to do), but getting his indifference and then, respectively, become touchy and irritable that further worsens your already now not a very good relationship.

In this vicious circle of unsatisfactory relationships suffering for both partners - a woman from despair and feeling used and useless to his partner, and the man from what he was constantly "sawing" and demand something, because the partner is in a constant irritable and depressed.

So how then to break out of this vicious, seemingly eternal circle devalues relationship with your man?

Well, first of all you need to do to finally break this cycle is to stop "spinning" around your men as the earth around the sun from morning till night.

the Next thing to do is to remember what you loved to do and what interested and was fond of before she met her "beloved" and completely drowned out.

do Not forget that men appreciate and respect only those women who have their own rich life.

So never give yourself to a man completely and then you don't have to be offended if he can't offer you the same in return. After all, a man appreciates his own space and time, so it simply will not be able to fully devote myself only to you.

But if you have your Hobbies and interests, you don't need to be. You will cease to require attention and love, but only sincerely and gratefully will accept them when HE wants to and is ready to give. Always remember this when you suddenly, God forbid, of course, again want to make these useless, especially to your man, self-sacrifice.

Learn to give only when you do, and most importantly selflessly want it, and then you have simply not come to mind to demand the same devotion from your man.

And if you still want to get him some feedback, then wait until you see and make sure, above all, by his actions that he is really ready to offer it and also on the level you invest in this relationship.

And another thing, my dear women, never forget that first and foremost you have to meet their own needs, and only then to think about the needs of your men and it must be in that order.

Because the man wants to see happy and really happy woman, and not always tired "workhorse".

Remember most attractive feature for any man in women is her sense of self-esteem . So handle yourself accordingly, I appreciate and respect yourself. And if any man will behave with you like a real Queen!

take care of yourself)

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Victoria Kirsta supervised over
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