In this article you will learn about the physiological conditions that occur in people after they are faced with a betrayal, and how these conditions are handled.

You are faced with the fact that your husband is cheating on you? You may have read his correspondence with some woman or caught him directly in the process of infidelity... It doesn't matter, because fact is fact.

it is very sad and sickening . The first thing usual women have begin trouble sleeping. Impossible to sleep when you keep on replaying thoughts in your head or pictures associated with treason.

the Nervous system is so overwhelmed that either you sleep too hard, or Wake up in the night or in the morning and go to sleep already. In the end, the whole day goes to hell.

Located in nights rest is impossible, because anxiety is not leaving for a minute. Another consequence that after sleep, you feel rested. Familiar?

Then read on.

In the aftermath of infidelity, the body is under stress in all senses: psychological, spiritual and physical. It's the betrayal of a loved one.

this is a very common consequence of stress is the tension in the muscles. Everyone is strictly individual, but most often I client described muscle tension of neck, shoulders and back. And jaw muscles.

Relax these muscles can neither massage nor strong-willed effort, because after a short relaxation, the stress comes back in full growth. Because the nature of this voltage is not physical but psychological! This phenomenon is called “psychosomatic stress”.

Mileage right now attention at your body from head to toe. Feel any tension? br>
By experience, I can say that very often it is tension people may not even notice, but just very tired, blaming it all on a tough day. And in fact, the muscles are too tight!

During the adaptation of the organism to such a complex and difficult situation as a betrayal, the body feels very fatigued and as a result are very susceptible to disease. So, don't be surprised if suddenly appears a cold or something like that.

of Course the classics are headaches and migraine attacks after infidelity. Because headaches are very often associated with conflict the depreciation. And with it, you can't 100% say that any external events can lead to specific diseases.

there Are situations when you found out about the infidelity (physical or emotional) of her husband, and tell him not solved.

There is a grandmother to seek: if you don't feel safe, you will not be able to relax and get pleasure from sex with her husband.

Even if sex is, it is less satisfying and less frequent.

it is Clear that the best way to resolve this is to consult a specialist in jealousy and treachery, but sometimes people are not ready to immediately go and solve the problems to a professional.

Here's what you can do to help yourself in such a difficult period:

  1. Go to the pool or take a nice bath with relaxing aromas. Well, or at least, shower. It is very well relaxes and relieves stress.
  2. Slow, enjoying SIPS, drink a Cup of chocolate or some delicious tea.
  3. Laugh and watch Comedy. Find cut funny clips on YouTube. Or pick the top 10 comedies that you love.
  4. Procitaj from music. You 100% have a favorite performer or group. Put down everything and give an hour to listen to your favorite music. (can be combined with a bath). Turn on the smartphone entry and enjoy.
  5. Dance to the music at home or go to a free class teaching dancing, such as salsa or bachata. It's a great distraction when talking, and especially dancing with others!
  6. Do exercise! Can turn on YouTube is a simple program for beginners and to try to work under it. If you have a strong desire to go to trial, free classes in fitness clubs and gyms.
  7. Choose a best seller of fiction that you like and read the summary, then the first 20 pages. If not tightened, with the head, move on to the next book. Anyone find the reading that you sink!
  8. Prepare a delicious dish that requires a lot of time and invite friends to dinner, or those people with whom you'd like to chat or to start a friendship.
  9. If you've done all this and you still have failed to distract and calm me down, join me for a personal consultation and I will help you out of the emotional impasse. Or return the money.

Stop wasting time, because life is too short to grieve.

If you have any questions or there is something that you do not have enough in the article, share your opinions in the comments below!

Gurin Michael
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