happy new year, friends! Ahead of the holidays. This is probably the longest weekend average Russian. In a week we need to gather strength and thoughts, and most importantly in working condition to overcome the force of attraction of upholstered furniture. Working days will return to us. And of course the main difficulty is to return the body and thoughts into a working rhythm. Of course in the first place is to take care of your body, to intensify the usual processes with the help of physical activity, simplified food and take care of the needs of your body. Physical activity will return to us winter fun: you can once ride on a separate slide, and you can devote two days skating and skiing. Most importantly in the fun! The table returned complex carbohydrates, greens, boiled meat and fish, soups and broths, until the next occasion shifts of sweetness and alcohol. Now I am excited to take a bath, sauna and Jacuzzi. Don't forget about massage, Spa treatments and all sorts of "skin". Tactile receptors help us to regain a sense of support and facilitate the working movement. the
Usual domestic rituals, such as the alarm clock, walking the dog, cleaning the apartment, inevitably set up a working rhythm. And such a ritual as seeing the crumbling trees and all signals the body about once again returning workloads.
of Course I'll call you with your favorite colleagues, plan the next working steps , it is their voice that will most delight your inner workaholic.
Some work on yourself, which will launch our internal gears can be carried out independently. Sit down and write REAL main goal for the next year ( not to be confused with a dream) : update real estate, cars, adding to the family, change of career or educational level of their, or their children, improve the quality of personal life, etc. it is important to determine what will be the criterion of the achieved goals: the document has a change of activity or place of residence. If the purpose relates to the emotion or the desired social contacts, then it is important to determine what would be a clear evidence of the desired changes.
Next it is important to determine the timing and specific actions associated with achieving the goal, and most importantly what can you do today to next new year to be proud of their personal performance. It is the pride and joy for himself brings us satisfaction and helps to create for yourself and loved ones an unforgettable Christmas mood in the next 2020.
Care about yourself, internal motivation to achieve goals and a job that will always provide You with the necessary resources and focusing on the new achievements.
I Wish You to get pleasure from their work and the upcoming year. the
Psychologist Koledova Marina.

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