I'll Start with the definition of family symptom. It is possible that many have not even heard about the existence of such phenomenon. the concept of family is a symptom, is extremely paradoxical. At first glance, it carries extremely negative connotations, after all, the symptom needs to describe a disease, disease state, illness. But if we turn to the traditions of Italian psychotherapy schools, where any problem of man: disease, bad habit, problematic family relationships, cheating, illness of the child, considered as a symptom of the system, in our case a family system. But the main purpose of the family symptom is the preservation system.

as example, here is a common situation. On advice a woman goes and talks about troubled relationship with her husband. The husband drinks, he's addicted, he's an alcoholic. If, one way or another, a man gets rid of alcohol dependence, the family breaks up. The alcoholism of her husband, was in this case not a problem but a solution to the problem of family preservation and family symptom. I'll give one example. My client, let's call her M., 25 years old, a young girl, quite independent, have their own apartment, but not living with her and with my mom in her apartment, a well-paid job, came for consultation on the issue of perspective in building relationships with the opposite sex, no, not that relationship at all was not, they were quite regular, quite emotional but very short, not more than 3 months. I will not describe therapeutic methods work with it, the reason we found and the request has been implemented, at the moment it has been over a year in the relationship. And the client and her mother were very happy. But as it turned out on a recent consultation, as soon as she was about to move to a separate apartment, to live together with a man, to build relationships in the family, the mother suddenly ill, is not imaginary, but completely real, her blood pressure rose, there was a threat of hypertensive crisis. Moving, once again delayed, and mom felt better. What we are seeing in this situation? Here and family symptom and pathological strategy in one bottle. Very often family symptoms are diseases relatives, children. These States can last for years, a family member that implements the symptom may not completely be aware of the problems in the relationship of other family members, but if he recovers, the family may cease to exist.



This is what in psychology is called the word - ambivalence, duality. Within a family system is the conflict. The participants themselves, he did not see and do not understand. These symptoms can be few, a lot. This alcoholism and infidelity of one partner.

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