spring is Approaching, in the air for a breath of freshness and good mood. It's time for love, and on the glossy pages, and not, publications are increasingly appearing the theme of relationships between men and women.

you can Often find these headlines: "How to find your soul mate?"; "Me without you is no life"; "Love is evil love and a goat" and other such well-established expressions. From a psychological point of view, all these titles very sad and, in fact, not about love and other tender feelings, about jealousy, anger, despair, pain.

In reality, our life is much simpler and clearer than is commonly believed. Let's today, let's go the other way, and move away from the usual platitudes and veiled concepts. Let's do a small overview on the topic of relationships, maturity, readiness for marriage and children. After reading that, you let go of the many illusions that do not give you live quietly, to love, to feel.

When we meet her, congenial and internally native of person we admire, cherish, catch every glance, but after some time and now we are not interesting, not fun – a burden even to take the time. Fallen out of love? No. It is quite another. This person, our partner, on closer examination, turned out not to be relevant to our inner ideals and way. And it was not because he changed, and we just look at him without emotion. What's the catch? We expect from a man what he is, in principle, can not give us. It's like getting upset that the fish does not run on the concrete highway – such a pity that this is so, but it is only we of the fish were so hurried – that is our problem.

Let us, to avoid such "disappointment", a classify of men and women, and then look what kind of relationship could be really cool, "cool" and bright.

What are Men

men typical of the way: boy, young man (and this is not something that starts growing a beard or growing in gray, it changes the inside).

the Boy. Goes to school or on the first or second year of high school. Does not earn at all or earns little to support themselves often cannot. He lives with his parents or in a Dorm. Really knows what he wants, or wants what parents want and surrounding. With girls relationships closer to romantic love or teen sex. A serious relationship for a boy is unreal.

the Young man. Due to the appearance in it of life present (and not-money) begins to earn. Lives alone, rents an apartment by himself. Builds "his case" (enhances the professional status sticks at work) - in General, achieve some of their goals (or the goals of someone else who made their own). Style relationship with women closer to free, although it may create a family. In any case, often the main force puts in the work, family (permanent girl) while in the background (though to promise and say maybe a lot). He likes to give, and willingly accepts, but gives himself less. Why? See above. If having children, then it is just biological, all care about the children give to their mother.

Man. The average is 35-40 years (although it is more statistics, but not the main index). The man has already achieved major goals realized, he calms down. Begins to see that all around him is there anybody else besides work and colleagues. Able to appreciate women and give them their time and money. More ready for the role of the father than the Young man. Configured to create relationships and to participate and not just be present.

do Not think that if a person is 18 – he's a boy, and if the 40 – man. Age, it is rather minor. In our life often infantile 40-year-old men, who at the words "let's get married" vanish into thin air like vapor. At the same time is 20 years men who builds a business or specialists in their favorite things working and earning. Exception in our time is full.

Let's now talk about the women.

What are the Women

Women, like men, are a certain way, and it is not necessarily chronological. And each period is characterized by certain features, let's look at them.

Girl (16-20 years). She is young, sexy (if you allow so), but still largely a child. She often lives "in the pink" and the desire for an ideal relationship. Often during this period, and unrequited love, broken heart, etc.

In this period, the relationship can be relaxed (hanging out, partying) or romantic (stars, sunsets).

a Young Girl(20-25 years). Often, during this period, there is a sense from herself: "What I cool, the whole world revolves around me." To give until she says, "My attention must be earned". The feeling of "whole life ahead of you". Girls who obey their mom, often already married, maybe even had a child "because it's time". Girls who don't obey their parents, often surrounded by a bunch of fans and enjoying the moment.

a Young Girl can be a classy affair, but even if she wants something serious, often internally to it, she is still not ready. In relationships she often inclined to re-educate the man.

Female (25-30 years). It becomes or older or with the birth and upbringing of the child (although not always). A woman in one degree or another is implemented, either professionally or raising a child (perhaps this implementation is more logical for women). The woman begins to feel that youth and dazzling beauty is not eternal. Now she takes more of others, including men, the way they are. Internally more ready to build serious relationship and to hold them as freedom tasted, consciously chose a partner and the value it (is not jealous, and appreciates and values). During this period she is ready to be a mother. In a relationship, as they say, by mutual consent, may "baldet" from the novel, of marriage and the family. Begins to appreciate yourself - but not as a Young Girl and as a Woman who is worthy of respect, sincere feelings and love.

As a typology of men is all about, and you can often find exceptions. In the end, it all comes down to the ability to take and bear some responsibility for themselves, their life partner and future or existing children. Choosing a partner(a) for the relationship need to soberly aware "why?" (relationship) and what you want them to.

What is the result? The most remarkable novels for men happen Women or Young Girls at the stage of transition into a Woman. There are a lot of feelings, a little hustle and a lot of "Goodies".

For reviews of women, the most wonderful novels happen to Men or Young People on the transition into a Man. At this moment women feel that they "married" their men always have time for family.

the Problem starts when a Woman meets a free bright Young Man and expects that he will sit at her feet and watch her. Or a Girl meets a Man and expects that he will be with her to rush to the shops and clubs. Or a Woman meets a Boy and expects that with its help he quickly becomes a Man. In the end, a bunch of bummers, disappointments and tears.

what is all this? It's simple! The most important thing in relations is understanding why you need them. Because "princes" in the real world does not exist (only in fairy tales or when virtual Dating assistants).

If You want walks under the moon and Platonic hugs for six months of Dating is for Boys and Girls.

If You want to drive, annealing, fun, unbridled sex on the ceiling all night and party, then Men and Women that are not much - it is rather for Young People and Young girls. But the reliability and constancy to wait here not particularly.

If You want a really serious, deep acceptance, a delicious enveloping relationship where no one is pulling meaningless phrase "do you love me?" or unnerving words "I don't deserve you(on)". This relationship is only possible with a man and a Woman.

And sometimes it's enough just to temper your expectations and pay more attention to the partner and in yourself, you can grow up and together, but both need to understand and keep these relationships very seriously, filling each other's strength and not draining the last energy with phrases like: "you don't love me, I know".

see you on the pages articles and life. With due respect counselor Alex Karev.

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