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Among women one of the most frequent queries when accessing the juggling is with men. Let us understand why is it so hard to find a man and build a strong relationship.

As a rule, people come to arrangement with their family system is a set of relationships and feelings of parents, grandparents, great grandparents and other important members of family system: who gave place (for example, the first love of a grandmother), unborn children, etc.

In the family system can be very much unlived feelings and confusion of roles. And, as a rule, all or part of these weaves carries a younger member of the family system. It's the price of living. And it is very high.

If the great-grandmother during the war, lost her husband, raised the children alone, some of them would die from starvation, but some survived and passed life on, grandma. It can be a story. They have a grandfather could be a complex relationship, but they were able to give birth and raise the mother of the client.

the father of the client could be its own long story. For example, he used to be able to lose a father, to live with my mom replacing the role of her husband, then married the first time to divorce and marry a second time on mother's client.
In their relations could be unborn children.
And here is a young girl client with their family history wants to find a man.

But in fact, she may unconsciously look for man not only the man, he may deputize for her and her family system's multiple roles: the role of the husband for himself the role of a father, a husband for mom, the role of the unborn brothers, etc.
No sane man will not be able to withstand so many things for yourself. With each role very much unlived system of feelings and sometimes very controversial.

I Must say that men in his system a lot of heavy maybe. And he's not looking for just a woman to myself, but alternate to other members of their family system. And then the woman also bear a disproportionate burden.

If this pair still manages to build a relationship, then the load on the system is not going away. Her take their children. For the love of the parents they can in the womb to take on something heavy. Unfortunately, the child may not be born, taking over the burden of a family system. He thus saves parents. And if the child already took on something heavy, does it make sense to delve into the past?

to build a strong relationship you need to accept the price of his life, to take the right place in their family system. It means to accept that all that was in the ancestors - this is correct: my mom will be mad at dad, but I don't have; the grandmother could be mad at Santa, I don't have; my grandfather had the right to leave from my grandmother - I don't need to condemn him, etc. Every member of the family system - a worthy and important person!
the Method of system constellations is a great tool for this.

You are free to come as an observer or Deputy to my constellation group improve the quality of life and to get acquainted with this method:

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