How to change your life using the knowledge of subtle energy?


Many people are concerned about how to change your life for the better?
the psychologist people with this issue come in every day, even though it is set in absolutely different forms. But all they want is some way to change your life for the better.

Psychologists generally agree that to change a life is possible only by changing himself. But what does that mean? what needs to change to get the desired results? Anyway, why changing myself, I change my life? For most people it still remains a mystery.

Knowledge about our subtle energy will answer these questions.

In previous articles I spoke in detail about the subtle psychic energy and how it affects the events of our lives. This knowledge is changing the view on life itself and on its device. Today we will talk about how to change life in specific important issues for you.

to change your life for the better using the knowledge of the subtle energies, you must first understand how that we make any changes.

people tend to live in more or less established range of energies – from the last article you remember about the energy of spaces or levels. This is familiar the background of the events that created established background vibration man. The average person often is in the range of average vibrations, providing a set of life difficulties, recurring in different variations.

everyone has a standard set of problems – personal life, work, finances, health, etc. Event seems to be changing, but the difficulties just change shape, not significantly changing the quality of life. To stay in stability without difficulties and problems cannot almost anyone.


Most people are fickle, do not know how to manage your emotional state due to the influence of other people and circumstances. Therefore, the chaos in the energy throws them from one "layer" of vibrations in the other, bringing a range of different events, from good to unpleasant. But most importantly, people that do not run.

That is why people are so hard to change your life. Because it needs to change, to start living different energies, emotions, thoughts, is literally to become another! That is, best. But any changes happen this way – starting with internal changes. Formula "if you want to change a life – start with yourself" actually has a deep meaning. Only necessary to start understanding of their energy – filled than I am and that I radiate?

Only by understanding this and learning this, you can implement a formula - changing myself, I change their lives.

I like the beautiful illustration of this process in the movie "Groundhog Day". Despite the Comedy plot, it shows a deeper meaning. The main character tried to do anything, but all his attempts to forcibly change the reality nothing. And only when he slowly began to raise your vibration, to become the best of themselves, both inwardly and outwardly (in their actions), his life completely transformed, although it remained in the same circumstances.

When a man rises to a higher level – he's experiencing the good things, he's improving, develop a good circumstances, he achieves a successful outcome that meets a loved one, etc. Short climbs are many.

have You ever noticed that when a person happens to burst of optimism, inspiration, joy to live, he has all the things one by one start to improve? Conversely, rolling down emotionally, and people notice, that trouble and adversity fall down one after the other. Why? It's not a coincidence, and not the black bars trouble. Just a man or raised to a higher level of favorable vibrations and now lives in favorable conditions, or descended to the level of heavy energies and facing the consequences.

Our lives are simply mirrors the energy in which we live most of the time. More precisely, the energy that we live in, which is wearable and generated in itself. Changing your subtle energy essence of what you filled on the inside - changing and a reflection of your external life.

But significant changes do not happen by themselves, they need to make the effort. Although to slide down under the weight of life's challenges is certainly much easier than the climb up. Most people think it is easier to live your usual life – sustained energy, in the ordinary circumstances and ways of thinking. It is easier to say to myself that I can't change anything that I don't have the tools and capabilities that nothing depends on me or what I want is impossible. Anything is possible – but on a different level. And you know what I mean.

Yes, climb is not easy. Change is never easy. It takes effort and desire. And understanding why you need it.

And even harder to stay on a high vibration. This is possible when you consciously begin to manage yourself and your energies. But it's a life completely different qualities. a Person ceases to depend on the circumstances, gets more freedom and opportunity to create his life as he would like, his life is full of joy and abundance, success comes in all his Affairs. And all because he becomes a good emitter of energy, love, joy. He works in harmony with the powerful divine energies of creation and creates life in harmony with the surrounding reality, and not fighting with her like a normal person.

to Reach this level, everyone can. The main thing is the inner intention, the understanding of how energy work, and conscious exercise. It can be learned.

When you know how to control themselves – i.e., their subtle energy, you are able to constantly raise your vibrations and keep them high. Which means you do not depend on the circumstances, you will not fall in misery – you control your life. Managing yourself, your energy, you begin to fully control your reality. You go to the level Creator of your reality.

within you is the key to managing your life – not through a fight against circumstances and obstacles, and using their creativity. Our life is always a reflection of our personality and our personal creativity. To be a Creator of your life means to realize it.

But most people "drift" their usual vibrations, without making an effort to rise above, to change your life for the better. But believe me, it's worth it. And if you are ready and want to create wonderful changes in your life – read and apply the knowledge and techniques that I will continue to share new articles. In the next article, read about training skills to manage your emotions and inner energy.

With faith in your bezgranichnie possible,

Olga Satenova, psychologist, coach, spiritual practices.

Olga Satenova
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