How to conquer fear of death
to Overcome and conquer the fear of death is not easy, but it is vital!

We often fear what has already happened. But at least we suffer from what frightens us in the future.

I'm talking about the most horrible fear of the future - the fear of death.

If you scared to die to such a degree that nothing more and think you can't, then read on5reminders that will facilitate your emotions.

Fear of death - the most frightening fear in the life of any person. He was like an octopus, the trunk from which grow other fears-tentacles.

When like a super hero we look fear is the octopus right in the eye, we begin to transform it. And then the fear of death is gradually becoming the passion of life.

5 reminders for transforming the fear of death through understanding

One of the most effective ways to overcome the fear of death is the practice of the five reminders.

If you slowly and carefully breathe, when you read and say those reminders, deeply and quietly inhale and exhale, you'll be able to look deep into the nature of his fear.

these five reminders:

1. Aging is inherent in my nature. I cannot avoid aging.2. poor health is inherent in my nature. I can't avoid disease.3. Death is inherent in my nature. I can't avoid death.4. Most important people and things will change someday. Separation from them is inevitable.5. I will inherit the results of your actions of body, speech and mind. My actions are my continuation.

Delving into the essence of every reminder while carefully breathing, we come into deeper contact with our fear of death, and then beating it mentally, we dissolve his tentacles that strangle us, not allowing to enjoy the fullness of our being.

Here's how to work with each reminder.

You have noticed that each Sutra of 5 consists of two sentences.

First, designed for inhalation, one for exhalation.

Try to predicate and make sense of every utterance, doing so:

"taking a breath, I know that aging is inherent in my nature. br>
breathing out, I know I can not avoid aging."

Make each morning for 7 days this breathing meditation.

If you have lost someone close to you, or your friends left your family, share with them these reminders, to ease suffering and to save their souls from the fear of death share on social networks.

Write in the comments which of these 5 reminders you think is the most life-affirming statement?
Alexander Malarek
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