How to cope with aggressive energy?


If aggression is a trait of personality, so for it to occur there are certain prerequisites that need to work in a psychologist's office.

But situational aggression happens in almost all people. Moreover, aggression you can "catch" from other people. For example, the chief yelled at work... a Man comes home excited, and quarreled with his wife (a reason can always be found)... the Wife shouted at the child who never finished to teach lessons... the Baby gave a slap to his younger brother, who was next... the Baby kicked the cat that was on his cat's Affairs and not bothering anyone... the cat scratched the father of the family, which brought the aggression in... How to break this vicious circle?

Remember that just to contain the resulting aggression is dangerous to health. After all, it will still find its way out, if not outward, then inward in the form of autoaggression that is reflected or harm themselves, or to the occurrence of psychosomatic diseases. Therefore, you need to find a safe for themselves and others a method of reducing aggressive energy. It can be:

* Punching bag. In the absence thereof it is possible to beat a pillow or any other soft object.

* Breathing exercises. Helps to relieve tension and calm diaphragmatic breathing - deep (as the volume of the lungs) inhaling through the nose. Pause 1-2 seconds. And slow release by mouth. The exhalation should be slower than inhalation, two or more times. This allows you to balance the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.

* Singing and screaming. Sing karaoke, give a holler, that is urine, if the situation allows and the situation (it is possible for this purpose to go into the forest).

* Dances. Turn on your favorite upbeat music and just "parabates" under it, making "vytryahivanie" movement of the feet and hands.

* Soccer. Even if you are not a football player, popinat ball hitting feet on the ball with all his might, throwing out aggressive energy.

* Darts. Darts at the target perfectly discharges. The same effect can be achieved by throwing pebbles in the pond. Here is an important "vytryahivanie" hand movements.

how do You neutralize aggressive energy? Share in the comments!

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