How to cope with anxiety?


Woke up this morning, drank coffee, ate a sandwich and went to Dali in the far recesses of memory thoughts where the beginning is barely audible howl of a siren. Most often the trouble arises, as it seems, out of the blue. Because it's her time. Only calmed down after the stress: pay the bills, divorced with a partner by marriage, transferred the son to another school, was attached to the dog, his parents drove repaired the TV and wanted to exhale, "well, finally, I will stay calm", but there it was. Alarm.

Alarm — negative emotion expressing the feeling of uncertainty, difficult feeling. In contrast to the reasons fear, the causes of anxiety are usually not recognized, but it prevents human involvement in potentially harmful behaviour, or induces him to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Anxiety is associated with mobilization of unconscious mental forces of the body to overcome potentially dangerous situations. (Wikipedia)

In their group sessions and individually I'm doing different kinds of work with anxiety, as one of the most common reasons for visiting a psychologist. I guess the anxiety and fear of the future, which is uncertain - are inseparable concepts. Given that almost all people have ever experienced this feeling, it becomes important to somehow alleviate this emotional state. How can you work with your anxiety?

We examine their beliefs, to understand why the alert us to signal that something inside is out of equilibrium. For example, try to continue the phrase "I have(a)... and so 10 times. Repeat aloud written phrases which particularly resonate with your anxiety. Next, examine what feelings are behind these beliefs? Now write these sentences, replacing the first part of the sentence "I can..." What changed? What feelings do you have?

Now, write 10 sentences, continuing the sentence "I will never...", and then replace them with "I want". Find out what are the unconscious desires and needs are suppressed or repressed. For example, "I will never steal". I don't allow myself to really? To have someone else, to appropriate that which does not belong to me. It is possible that he tells a friend that evoked a strong sense of envy. Is condemned by society. And the society condemned all that leads to actions, reflected in the criminal code. Anger can lead to trouble. And we prohibit, for example, to be angry, to be angry and to hate.

you can Now explore what intracta you have taken from parents and significant others.

"I don't have to..." - 10 sentences.

If you break, then what will be punished for it?

for Example, "I don't have to show your bad feeling to others." What is behind this phrase? Perhaps the family of a sick person, and, therefore, the weak were despised and ignored, that child was the equivalent of "me no, I'm dead". About the love of parents to the child and even say it is impossible. Usually a sick child, on the contrary, more attention, love and care but is not always. Yes, oddly enough, I met in my practice a woman from a large family where the disease was not noticed. A strange way to survive in our non-military time. And ability to endure pain and suffering encouraged. Such is the Spartan family with a heavy fate of the grown-up boys and girls.

What next?

now try to rewrite the phrase "I can..." What you feel now?

the Next step is identifying the scope of their anxiety, and play with her. Try to determine where you get the sinking breath when slowly, with pauses, saying the words : health, money, work, career, studies, personal life, family, children, parents, love, body, purpose, destiny... and so on. Find the area where there is a strong response, a sign of anxiety. It can also be tension in the body, changing breathing, increased heart rate and other unpleasant symptoms.

"sounds like your anxiety"? Say it out loud. For example, "I'll never marry" or "I'm afraid I won't be able to work in this position" "I'm scared to be alone", etc.

Now, having identified the area of life where your anxiety, close your eyes, try to slightly relax, remove the accumulated stress through the breath. Take a deep breath through the nose. Exhale twice as slowly, making lips the letter "o" through the mouth. Feel how your shoulders drop, relax.

now imagine what your anxiety. Let's develop the event to end. Imagine that you are doing it as a movie where the frames are replaced one after the other. As soon as the picture changes, "turn the sound" and hear his thoughts on this picture. If she appears alert, trim breath, protasite this concern as it did in the beginning: deep breath, long exhale. And having lived this moment, go to the next frame, watching the developments. No matter what "horror" you presented, you it is important to remember that this is a game, and you have one very important secret - "predicate alert" after giving a thought, pass it through itself. Name something that has come. And so as long as the subconscious will not begin to offer resources. We also present the development of these "proposals," our game evaluates the body. If there is a lightweight breath, the tension gone, and inside ease and rest, today you the alarm beat. You can open your eyes and write for yourself tips on what you can build, where to find power? This exercise is each goes his own way. Play and experiment with anxiety. Anything extra we do not exist. All you need. Especially your energy that quite a lot in trouble. It remains only to collect.

happy experimenting!

Romashkina Elena
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