How to cope with fear of public speaking?


Many people experience fear of speaking in front of a large audience. And the reasons for this are many. It could be some ancient, ridiculous situation in life, for example, forgetting some lines when reading the poem in a circle of classmates that made them laugh, and the man arose and remembered as embarrassment and awkwardness. Maybe this fear of man inculcated in the family since childhood, when parents taught that to expose themselves to show is impossible. Hence a person may appear the fear of being criticized. Some personal characteristics (shyness, emotional vulnerability, self-doubt, problems with diction or appearance, etc.) or neurotic illness can affect fear of public speaking.

Overcoming fear of public speaking is a bold challenge yourself for motivated individuals who want to overcome fear and achieve great things in life! br>

How to overcome fear of public speaking?

1. It is important to understand that everyone has the right to be wrong. Even experienced speakers in the speech wrong. And not in a world of perfect people, then you've got it right.

2. On the eve of the rehearsal before a performance will help you better memorize the report to train diction and to evaluate his speech.

3. Before the performance we need to sleep and rest to be fresh and had no circles under the eyes.

4. Your confidence in your abilities gives the appearance of a certain business style clothes.

5. Breathing helps reduce fear and calm down. For this you need to inhale very deeply through your nose for 4 bills and a long relaxing exhale through the mouth for 8 accounts. Repeat 5-6 times before the performance, muttering to himself: "I am calm and relaxed. I'm fine".

6. A clear knowledge of the topic of the report of his speech. It is difficult to discourage a person in any matter if he has prepared his topic and knows what he is talking about.

7. Positive thoughts, smile and positive attitude help to overcome the fear. A good joke to and appropriate quote will make Your report a particularly interesting and memorable.

8. People came to new information. When You speak loudly, calmly and confidently You will better understand and You will enjoy your own confident performance.

"the Road will overcome the walking". I wish you success!

If it is difficult to make the journey alone or have fears and phobias of another character, you can join me for consultation.

magdenko Olga
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