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In this article I want to consider a proven, effective and scientifically proven way of overcoming of professional burnout. This method is called "the Supporting group". His name refers to the method of the author Michael Balint, a Hungarian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and doctor of philosophy who lived and worked in Hungary and later in England 20 x-60 years of the last century.

Balint drew attention to the fact that education and training of physicians took the path of rationalization - the study only disregard the objective and the subjective world of the patient: neither feeling nor emotion shall not be considered and are considered rather secondary figure in the picture of the disease. Balint drew attention of the doctors, that they not only diagnose the patient but also treat it, i.e. have a long contact with the patient. During treatment, the doctor gets information about the biography and life of the patient, and unconsciously, mostly unconsciously, different experiences, both positive and negative feelings for the patient, and often the life situation of the patient are mixed with their own life situations.

This mix of situations does not allow the doctor to be sufficiently objective in the relationship with the patient to understand his situation and help him recover. Demonstration of blending real-life situations of doctor-patient relationship is such an attitude to the patient by the doctor as excessive criticism, indifference, irritation, excessive protection, the inclusion of real-life patient, etc. Such excessive reaction of the doctor and have a negative impact on the personality of the doctor and his professional ability and eventually lead to specific exhaustion, which is called professional burnout.

that said Balint in his studies. Today, his observations and conclusions have wider application and are currently at risk for the development of professional burnout include experts from various contact professions such as teachers, psychologists, social workers, lawyers working in the field of trade and services.

To nivelele process provvigione and improve the professional level of specialists contact professions apply the so-called "Malinowska group."

a working Balint group consists of 10 – 25 participants pursued by a certified Balint group leader (a physician or psychologist with
psychotherapeutic education). Participation in Balint group does not require any prior special preparation of participants.

Odin Balint group sessions last 1.5 hours. At this time there is an opportunity to consider the case of a specialist, which causes difficulties in understanding the tactics of contact or excessive emotional inclusion specialist.

Thanks to this group creates a space for:

  • the integration of the somatic, psychological and socio - cultural aspects in complex professional situations;
  • identify the constructive meaning of relationships "patient-doctor", "psychologist-client", "teacher-student", etc.;
  • development of sensitivity to the "secret signals" to patients, customers, and "secondary gain" from their illness, behaviour and complaints;
  • understand and use the creative effect of professional communication;
  • awareness of their feelings, better understand and variability of interacting with "troubled" patients, clients and students.

This method is very informative and the resource that creates the necessary conditions for the prevention of professional burnout and stimulate professional growth of the specialist in any field of helping people.

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