How to cope with the stress of the big city

1. How to reduce stress on a daily basis, so it won't accumulate?

the more resource we have, the easier we transfer the stresses. Probably noticed that after a nice, relaxing, weekend or holiday, feel good and stress of the big city you are a little concerned.

But once you get tired, stop trying to get into a situation when “everything fell at the same time” and then everything starts to irritate, to Deplete you with great force.

So, one of the main salvations – to take care of your resourceful state of mind every day!

For daily use is very suitable wonderful meditation called "Golden dome".

You need to provide the 4 balls of concentrated solar energy, the size of a large egg.

You have energy balls, one on her outstretched arm to the left and to the right, and another one in front of him and behind him, also at arm's length.

Then you have to simultaneously take in the area of its inner sight 4 energy ball and watch as this concentrated energy flows around your body in a Golden dome.

Pay attention to the sensations in your body during meditation.

a Few minutes to hold their attention on the Golden dome and his feelings.

With this simple meditation, you increase your energy levels, feel better able to protect their borders their borders.

2. As important to a person's priorities, motivation and so on, so it was stress.

Lists all huge and megacrania. How to do everything? The day's not rubber. One of the most frequently asked questions, especially to yourself!

moreover, often notice a funny phenomenon, is faster to complete the intended target. What? I think a holiday? No, or anything like that… Need to upload more!!! That's really a race in which we are trying to squeeze all the juices!

This race only adds to our stress and leads to exhaustion.

it is Therefore important to prioritize! To consider all planned out:

Urgent, important – to make in the first place.

what can be done later.

what you can do to opt out – this item is one of the most entertaining, we often take on more than you can make real and important to admit it, to give up the extra tasks which “has not placed” and are not important to you.

But it is necessary to prioritize and things are starting to line up in a smooth, orderly course of life.

it is fashionable to be heavily loaded, this is one of the markers of success.

But to be loaded and severely exhausted – does not look attractive.

Therefore optimize their workload is reasonable, find a balance of being busy and staying in the resource state.

3. The main factors of stress in the city and how to avoid them or to minimize it?

the Main stressors in the big city are long distances, the constant background noise and a large number of people – have to spend a lot of time and resources to travel around the city, and the noise and large amount of information we receive, we simply do not notice, but they still while eating our resources.

Time is one of the main values and the feeling that the way it is wasted when we stand, can barely move in urban traffic or riding public transportation at rush hour in a crowd of people getting a lot of unnecessary information that unconsciously hear and read from individuals around us strangers.

the Impact of these factors is quite easy to minimize. Create for yourself a useful exercise on the way and, you will disappear feeling of lost time. At the same time this exercise will become a veil of irrelevant information (noise and strangers), which will go to the background due to your immersion in himself and his problem.

These classes can be:

Listening to music – favorite music, one of the most affordable ways to quickly change your mood and replenish your resources!

You can listen to lectures, webinars, that is, spending time on the road with the maximum benefit.

In a way that you can engage in the planning, in the morning, work plans for the day, evening, home and personal.

Another secret to the focus of our attention. When we begin to worry that you do not have time we strengthen your stress and thereby brakes the implementation of their plans. Program yourself that all the time.

If you knew how many couriers of Moscow has made the life simple phrase

I still have TIME!

You'd never say to myself every day!

4. How to relieve stress?

There are several simple ways to relieve stress:

play music that you making our and dancing, relieving all the emotions, tension and worries while you will not be easy, nice and relaxed!

the Smell of vacation. Vacation – this is one of the resource events in our lives. However, it is clear that we do not live on vacation. And it would be useful to bring holiday Association in your daily life! The easiest way to do this is by using smell, as the smell makes us unknowingly the Association and reaction of relaxation and filling of resources.

Remember the best, resource vacation. Remember what this smells like vacation for you. Each will have its own, may be an unexpected Association! It may be the smell – roses, sea lavender, cinnamon, pepper, etc.

now, find a way to bring that holiday smell into your life. This can be soap, shower gel, essential oil, flowers, showers, food, etc.

So the smell would leave you to feed every day, just take care of resuming it!

Every day, indulge yourself! We often think that the resource thing is very costly in time and money. But this is a huge misconception. Full of simple things that are available to us every day and is very nutritious!

for Example, to slowly enjoy your morning Cup of coffee, take a shower, eat a favorite treat, listen to your favorite music, take a walk, watch an interesting movie, read an exciting book, etc.

Treat yourself and you will notice that life will sparkle with bright colors every day!

If you are tired and you don't want, make a SEALS DAY.

Lying in a cozy bed, sleep, watch TV, do only what you want! Nothing – and then don't move unless absolutely necessary!

a Lack of desire – a signal to us about the strong depletion and, therefore, require extreme measures to restore vital resources! SEAL the DAY – the fastest way to restore your energy! Most importantly, as the heroine of the famous film, all the thoughts and worries aside for tomorrow.

5. Like the city itself (its location – parks, squares, boulevards) can help you deal with stress?

In the big cities become more and more comfortable, improving the environment for our guests right in the city of parkland, sports grounds, has everything in order to replenish their resources, and relieve stress.

the Movement gives us invaluable endorphin, the hormone of joy and pleasure!

the Excess endorphin significantly enhances our ability to handle stress!

So walking and exercise – a pledge of good mood and high stress.

a Place for walking and suitable sport have picky “try on” and choose the right, giving joy.

If you're going to walk and exercise, and forcing yourself out of the position it is NECESSARY, you simply will not get the desired effect, and instead of filling resources, joy will be even more depleted.

So choose like. Someone please feel in the rapid flow of people – they will approach a place where a lot of people and activity, some people prefer silence – they should be more quiet, secluded places, believe me, there are in big cities, one has only to look.

In the same Sokolniki Park is a densely populated Central area, Luna Park and a perfectly peaceful rose garden, lilac garden, and a distant part of the Park, just where the forest and the absolute feeling that you are far from the city!

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