How to deal with a vampire?


Energy vampire is the person, capable to cause in others toxic emotions: resentment, anger, jealousy, fear, guilt, inferiority complex. And toxic emotions is very harmful for the spirit and body. By itself, the vampire is a very toxic person, because most of the time living in a state of frustration and negativity.

There is a perception that energy vampire draws the energy of other people (if they are happy to give). What is the psychological mechanism of this phenomenon?

the point is that the vampire itself is fraught with feelings of resentment, anger, dissatisfaction with life, complexes and he somehow have to get rid of this ballast. And the only usual way to offset the anger at those who were with him in a relationship.

a Different, constructive way possible for him due to the fact that since childhood from parents and/or failed partnerships, he learned habitual behavior model, which can be used to achieve psychological relaxation, to assert itself and even to get what you want.

for Example, a person offended in order to manipulate others, to induce him to act as he wants. If it works, the vampire gets a lot of psychological pleasure and self-esteem increases. But this coin has a reverse side of such discharge satisfies only briefly, as if suddenly the things do not go according to plan a vampire, then he himself sends a good dose of their own toxicity, and may even get sick.

each vampire sitting perversely Narcissus, which receives discharge energy, looking at the consequences of its toxing impact on others.

Signs of a man:

1. the ability to manipulate people;
2. the lack of a sense of empathy and compassion;
3. thirst for recognition;
4. envy;
5. the pleasure from the suffering of others, bringing another person to a nervous breakdown or deep depression;
6. fear of liability (waiver of his words, avoiding direct confrontation and making a selection).

How to deal with a vampire?

Again, not be amiss to ask yourself why you still are in a relationship with a vampire, what motivates you, what you get from it?

1. Take him to a direct confrontation, neutralizing the hidden manipulation. If a person is offended for no apparent reason, forcing you to feel guilt, ask him: "what purpose are you doing this? I felt or did what?" Provoke it themselves.

That will give You an open confrontation with the vampire? Someone might say, "why pay court to him?"

don't treat the confrontation as harassment. The confrontation will allow to actualize Your own negative feelings, react to them, and to defend ourselves, and not to leave a response to toxic insult that will long to wander inside then you.

2. Watch the vampire vsemoguschii not as evil, but as a small, hurt child who wants something to prove, something to draw your attention. This will help to reduce the intensity of negative experiences.

3. Use your sense of humor - this relieves the tension and promotes constructive acting out.

4. Instil a vampire that his behavior is dysfunctional and he himself poisons his own toxicity emotions.

5. If all else fails, leave this man alone, because the continuation of such a toxic relationship with time will turn you into a victim and you have to rehabilitate then in the company of a therapist.

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