the New year it was raining. And 3 days after, almost without ceasing.

Winter. Or snow, harsh or rainy and windy. When in the street slush and cold, a little far out, develops a longing for her, and depression is not far off. And depressed people have a very good control. So at the slightest sign of depression, think: I need it? Own head on his shoulders. Think and decide with his mind.

You really need what is shown in advertising? Do you want something to declare? What do you do?

experience shows that most people does exactly what he wants. If he does something against his will, as a rule, he either runs away from other (more spicy) to their problems, or finds some excuse in the name of what to do, or punishing yourself in this way. Permanent anguish and the desire to do a marathon to nowhere, the unwillingness to relax and gain strength - all this leads to exhaustion, and then to the notorious depression.

Stop. Think about what you really want. What you can do for this? What resources are there? Or where can I find them? Who or what can help you with?

the Desire to follow your society rules and regulations, the desire to please everyone, not to lose face in front of others, such as decoys, which do not lead to problem solving, but only of a person driven within the strict framework of regulations. Moreover, it often happens that they themselves come up with.

Have a conscience and upbringing, morality and ethics is something that should adhere to. This is what is so often lacking, unfortunately. The desire for wealth, rudeness and cruelty – things that are unpleasant, but incredibly tenacious in human society. Let us seek the first and avoid the second. It's so simple and so important, especially when the weather is bad, and the soul of a cat scratching.

And in the holidays you can watch a good psychological movie. This helps to take another look at reality, to enrich aesthetic experiences and find strength for new achievements. But more about that in next article.

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