If you are married and your husband jealous and want to overcome this then article is for you. In this article, I will discuss the most effective ways of dealing with jealousy, causes of jealousy and why it matters.
You will be able to understand adequate your reaction or not.

have you ever had that you know that your favorite deals with another girl?
After that inside the feeling you're not wanted.

Standard script of jealousy

Although it may be just a colleague at work and even married.
I have the feeling inside that constantly compare yourself with another?

You start the interrogation to her husband, starts a scandal.
After the showdown, he soothes you by saying that she is just a friend.

Proves their love to you. Trying to convince that you're the best.
But somehow you these words are not calm, although the reasons not to trust the husband you have.

There is a sense of fear... That someone can be better than you.
frightened at the thought that he might choose someone else.

Life is not so bright. Nothing pleases and thoughts revolve only about it.
And getting rid of jealousy really gets napolnennuyu your life,
and of course the credibility of the husband.

But if the fear of infidelity haunting, then what about the trust and peace of mind
in a relationship can be a speech?

After all, when you're jealous man, constantly spinning swarm of thoughts in my head.
It's like some kind of pain in the brain I feel and I can not get it.
This pain attracts attention and does not live in peace.

would love to retrieve it, but nothing helps.

In General, the majority of people still live with jealousy and do not do it.
at the same time with this relationship slowly dissolved,
because the husband feels that to him there is no trust.

He ceases to be fully open, because once again afraid to upset you its story.
And probably starting to lie, even though he is innocent and there is nothing "criminal", he did not.

In the end, or husband, this will bring to the handle and he decides to divorce
either you can't handle emotional tension and find "cheating" even where its not.

As a result: the destruction of the family, or a complete lack of trust and tranquility.

in order to deal with jealousy, do the following steps:

  1. to Understand if there is an objective reason to be jealous or is it you cheat yourself.
    If this is an objective reason, for example, the husband provides sex other girl or changes
    that is a topic for another conversation and the ways described here will not help.

    And if you know what the reason is you and you're psyching yourself out, read on.

  2. You need to determine why, where does this jealousy came from. For this you need to dive deep inside yourself and honestly, throwing off all masks, to call yourself the true reasons why you're jealous.
    Take a piece of paper or open a computer file (as you like).

    And on the top write the question “what is the cause of my jealousy?”.
    After this write 108 responses to your question. It is very important to do this exercise in one go! The mark for 50 minutes and write everything that comes to mind!

    *if you have trouble with this, I have a free newsletter where I talk in detail about how to look inside yourself and find the emotional causes of jealousy and fear. Or if your case is unique and very confused, then join me for a personal consultation.

  3. following clarification of the reason it needs to be eliminated by any means available.
    But I assure you, understanding the causes of jealousy, it's already half way of its escape.

What exactly will NOT help to deal with jealousy:

  • Attempts to escape, and not notice what you're experiencing because of his fear of losing her husband. for Example, viewing films or “sticking” problems sweet or “pouring” of alcohol. It gives temporary effect.

  • will Not help to get rid of jealousy and scandals that you are satisfied with husband
    in fact, it only worsens the relations.

  • Complaints girlfriends do not change your attitude to the situation, and sometimes friends can
    even make the problem worse, making her husband's fault that YOU're jealous.

Because if you do not work with the causes, roots of the problem, it can occur only temporary relief, until the next situation when you start to compare yourself with other women.

And when worked causes, you begin to feel calm and confident,
because it removed the Foundation on which rests the feeling of jealousy and fear of betrayal.

If you woke up in the night in a cold sweat, then you'll finally be able to start normal sleep. Because of this, my husband begin to build a harmonious, trusting relationship.
If there is no jealousy, and quarrels, and conflicts will be hundreds of times less!

You will get confidence in the future, if you get rid of their fears.
And finally begin to really trust your man, and not constantly thinking about who he is.

I Wish you not to hesitate, and to postpone the issue of jealousy in my life! Be happy!

Write in the comments your answers to the exercise. Perhaps others will help you better understand yourself!

If you have any questions or there is something that you do not have enough in the article, share your opinions in the comments below!

Gurin Michael
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