When I talk about the experience of loneliness in the absence of a love relationship and the search for a loved one, people often ask me what specifically needs to be done.
How to get rid of loneliness?
How to deal with it?
What to do?

I myself have found love and lost it, met women, and parted with them.
And here is what I understand.
no Matter you are alone now or not, you have a couple or not.
it matters how you feel about yourself in every moment of my life.
And at the moment feelings of loneliness too.

it is Important to remember that it is only a moment of life, even though it seems to be endless.
Remember, had "black days", bad, when I wanted only one thing - let it end already, this is infinitely a bad day?
And the next day it was not so bad.

And with some longer difficult situations you have encountered?
When it was difficult-difficult, but then it somehow all were resolved.

Nothing can last forever. It is difficult only with the experience of something, so it seems there is no end in sight.

of Course, in the acute experience of loneliness is not easy to remember, understand emotions fill, life without love seems pointless, grey, intolerable.
And when "sick" in the head, only one question: how to deal with it, how to find a solution what to do?
I have experienced the loneliness and suffered the same issues.
Their answers, I tried to reflect in this dialog:

- How to deal with loneliness? What to do specifically?

- to Stop fighting with myself.

- What it means to stop fighting with me?

- It means to stop ignoring yourself in the experience of loneliness.

But I feel bad alone! What can I do to change this?

to Find out what is bad in his condition of solitude.

- I'm sad, depressed, empty, ashamed, I'm angry. What do I do?

- to Treat with tenderness.

- What it means to treat with tenderness?

- to Recognize these feelings in themselves and to exercise the utmost care of yourself in moments of their experiences

- How to do it?

As if the most precious and beloved person for you in the world would yourself.

Bakai Igor
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