How to deal with their feelings?

This article is like a continuation of my previous If there is no psychologist. Practice self-help.
Judging by the comments, self-help practice really effective and is the place to be, especially in the absence of the ability to go to a psychologist.


Imagine You are the person who knows how to recognize their feelings, emotions, status, and something to do with them, for example to react them at.

I Suggest You to expand a little practice of awareness.

Question - what do You feel? With what feelings want to reach out?

Realizing that You are now experiencing, for example, the irritation, try to get in touch with that feeling.

Imagine that the irritation is not just a feeling, arising in response to external stimulus, but something more - as if it were some unknown figure inside of You that has a message for You.

Draw a mental image of this feeling. Imagine it, it's like what? What it looks like, what color is it?

Ask your feelings: "Why are you here? What do you want? They are trying to tell me?".

And listen to the answer. It may seem appropriate and logical, and maybe quite wild and strange.

Allow the answer to be anything, let You sense will tell you everything you need.

In contrast to the exercises from the previous article, here can not to use any external materials, using only his wise mind.

Hearing the answer, feel how this promise was the answer. Soft, measured, calm or dramatic, aggressive, rude?

content and color response, You can feel, is the voice of the Ally, or Criticism (in terms of process-oriented psychology).

the function of the Ally is to support, to protect, to care, to protect.
the Function of Criticism - to suppress, to limit, to revenge, to stop it.

Accordingly, Your internal irritation in the role of Ally will be able to hear something like: "I'm here to show you that your boss is a fool. Don't take it too seriously. Next time, try to stand up for themselves. Be strong."

And from the role of Critic may sound something like: "Yes, I'm here, what do you want? I'm going to be here and crush you, because you are a worthless jerk".

And with what message feeling responsible to You?

Share in the comments if you tried it on :)

Vadim Germanenko
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