How to decide on changes in life and not be afraid?



are There ways to relieve anxiety and fear of change?

This issue most often concerns people, who stand on the threshold changes or even to change something in your life, but worry. The answer is – rubbish.

it is Impossible to get rid of anxiety, related changes and risk at the same time. If you dare to change something in your life, this does not mean that all the people around you will support you and say that you are done.

Fear – a necessary concomitant of any changes. And fear is directly proportional to the importance and radicalism of these changes. The more you want to change in your life, the greater the fear.

If you have lived life in the same conditions, worked at the same place, despite the fact that you don't like the idea that you can no longer work, causing your strongest fear. If your whole life you relied on a rule that was created for you parents or other authorities, and want to change something in these beliefs, the fear will always accompany it.

Fear – it's also something that naturally stops us from change. Culture came up with this as a regulatory mechanism.

If someone could give a guarantee that we will change activity and become a freelance artist, you will not starve and will be successful, of course, we would say “Yes” and would go to it. But then the value changes would be minimal.

You can never predict the effectiveness of your changes and results.

moreover, when important changes all your surroundings would mind. The reasons are obvious – the people around you, especially loved ones, are accustomed to you such. They don't want you to see others. They do not think about values and other aspects of your changes, they want stability for themselves. And that's fine.

If you change jobs, this involved your family. And for a price. On the one hand, you refuse that to you painfully and before you open Outlook, but no guarantees. There are a lot of fears. So often, to decide to change, you either have to walk to the handle and physically feel bad, or need significant support.

If you receive support and acceptance from significant people even in case of failure, your fear will become smaller. It will become unbearable.

the Question is not how to get rid of fear, but to balance it.

That can balance the fear?

Strong longing desire.

Faith in you, other people and the ability to lean on someone. Likely that after retiring from work, will not take you back, but your fear is balanced by the support you receive.

moreover, if you try to get a guarantee most of your passion and desire to change something, will go to these guarantees. Value changes will not be so great. If the fear is minor, you simply will not arrogate to themselves all the changes that have occurred.

Be careful to fear. It is important. If you're afraid, you want what you're afraid of. This is the litmus paper.

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