We live in a world of free love, civil marriages, endless books on pick-up and forget the simple truths that we women from generation to generation, passed on by our grandmothers, but rather: "How to get married!?".

marry And they said to go to a man who really loves You. Key word – "INDEED"!

How often to come women who ask the same questions to a psychologist: "no, No! He really loves me, but why do that?"

And to the question: "And what for You means love" - can not answer.

Sometimes you want to answer them in the eye "Ignoring You for months and days! Unwillingness to introduce friends! No gifts! Reluctance to go to the registry office etc. It's all LOVE! Of course! And how! That's right!"

And so UNDERSTAND what are the signs men really love:

* He's looking for any excuse to talk to a girl (in the words of one client: "Like nails to me nailed!").

* there is a sparkle in the eyes (ALL people show emotions when you fall in love! Phrase: "I have not an emotional person," not pass!)

* Preening, takes care of herself, wants to enjoy.

* Interested in the girl's life, learns about her preferences, etc.

* Calling her every day. "Men know how to press the buttons on the phone!" (Read the book by G. Behrendt, L., Tuccillo "You just don't like him: the truth about men". It's a phrase from this book.)

* It always return phone calls the girl or calls back quickly, in the days when he had Abraham.

* Wants to make gifts and makes them.

* Tactile moments. He always wants the girl to touch. HE often hugs. His hand rests above the waist, not on her: "How would – "you are mine!""

* He WANTS to ask and INVITES a girl out on a date! (Not "let's meet at the bus stop".)

* Worried when communicating with a girl (some even sometimes a little bit shy, stuttering).

* does Not put conditions on sex. He wants to make a better impression, a girl is afraid to lose.

* takes the initiative. From the words of men, even the most uncertain and anxious of them call themselves first, even if she forgets them.

* Forgives neglect, and any deficiencies. You know the saying. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Does not listen to friends or my mother, "Drop it, forget it, you won't even look!". Often can bring then into the category of enemies.

* plans for the future. If both people don't make plans for the future, then they have no future.

Miss all your present and former through these points. All scored 14 plus?

Love and luck in everything!

Musayelyan Elena
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