How to determine when the crisis of 3 years started and how to understand when ended?


How to determine when the crisis of 3 years started and how to understand when ended? br>
There is a trend in body-oriented therapy "biodynamically analysis", and I really like the classification of the structures of nature. In short, each period of time the child masters a new movement, learn to control your body and the muscles involved in the work gradually (although all the muscles of the newborn are all in the same amount as an adult). And each stage of development is associated with a very important topic. For example, a structure of the nature of the "survival" period of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy 3 months after birth. In this period laid the basic sense of security and trust world, the right to existence and safe contact. If during this period the child had adverse conditions, such as mom got sick and was in the hospital, post-partum depression, which did not pay attention, can generate a strong sense of mistrust in the world as a consequence of anxiety and loss of sense of security. The following framework of requirements from birth to 1 years and 6 months, this is the period when the child is a vital contact with the mother and the satisfaction of basic needs. The task of the mother in this period to learn to feel the child's needs and to satisfy them, and it is for the child's needs, not on the clock (feed every three hours, for example, that is, the child is screaming and mom is waiting when will come 12.00, and another 20 minutes well tolerated). If this period has passed with the motto "let's Yell and calm down!" in the future, the child loses contact with their own needs, anorexia, bulimia it's all about this obesity there too. This is when fed according to the schedule and rules instead of feeding on demand.

now, the crisis is 3 years 3 captures much of the structure of nature.

1. Autonomy period of 8 months - 2 years 6 months - the main theme is the organization of the pulse of interest, the ability to feel his own curiosity, commitment to research, keeping contact and getting support when needed. The child masters a huge number of ways to move, at first just turns over on the bed, then crawls, walks on all fours, run on all fours, tries to stand up, walk with support, walk independently, then run to jump, to climb on objects to get something interesting. This is the period when all lasecki tying an elastic band from cowards ( in Soviet times), and the crystal, which was a mark of prestige and wealth, hiding from a sin far away:)

this is Also the theme of borders, not my not my.

Art in this period can not be too much there is a risk to grow absolutely inattentive creature, without any interests Hobbies and anxious to try something new.

If everything is possible then there is a risk of growing to be a man who has no concept of the norms and rules in society that does not understand what boundaries, what is and what is not (antisocial personality)

Usually by the end of this period one can observe the beginning of the crisis 3 years.

2. Will a period of 2 to 4 years - the main topic of the organization of the action pulse, the ability to plan, prioritize (important, not important, urgent, not urgent this is about it), to make elections, to use his power to take actions. br>
If in this period, the child was forbidden to show aggression and autonomy, it is likely to grow udobnenko, passive performer. In the future, such people have problems organizing their activities (you want someone organized and said how), it's about everyone who thinks and thinks, going, and going, but it does not begin to do. It's about procrastination (procrastination) and it's about the inability to defend their own personal boundaries, so to say come in and take what you want.

In this period the crisis of three years is blooming and blooming violent color.

then There are all the symptoms of this period:

- Negativity

- Stubborn

- Self



- Arrogance

- Depreciation

it is Very important during this period to keep patient and understand that this period is temporary and it is very difficult for a child and very important for his future.

3. Love and sexuality between 3 to 6 years. This period prepodaet just on sexual-Oedipal stage. Osnovnye themes of gender identity, the child begins to identify themselves as a boy or girl, very often there is a "first love" in a young garden or yard, have friends.

This is period when the crisis of 3 years is completed.

a Very simple example:

If the sandbox two three year olds fighting over a toy, it is likely that no one will concede, will fight, will spit, bite, yell and stomp their feet.

Closer to five years, the subject is not as important as the "other" is friend with him to share even if it's a favorite toy. If simplistic to say that the relationship is more important objects.Child under the age of 5 years old clinging to a toy, fighting over it and it is important to stay with the toy than with the company, it is a sign that psychologically, the child has not yet reached this stage, he is still in the process of living crisis 3 years.

And only ended the crisis 3 years, parents exhale a little, but not for long! A year maybe a little more and a crisis 7 years:)

Education is the acceptance and patience:)

Author: Oleg Perepelitsa - psychologist, coach, co-author of the project "Psychologists online"

Oleg Perepelitsa
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