step by Step instructions for you. Read, understand, act.

Consciously - intuitive power (IPR) is recommended in disorders and eating disorders.

Its efficiency has been clinically proved. It does not contain any prohibitions and restrictions, and teaches harmony with your own body!

to begin to practice the IPR seriously and truly IMPORTANT:

    Refuse dietary thinking.
  • to Give up control
  • and replace it with AWARENESS.

  • to learn to hear, to listen, to trust and to rely on internal cues of the body:
    • hunger;satiety;food instincts;and satisfaction from food.
  • Create a favorable nutrient medium everywhere (at home, at work, in the car, etc.)
  • And:

  • to learn to deal with emotions and feelings without food.
  • to Treat my body with acceptance and respect regardless of the size and weight of the body.
  • to Engage in physical activity that brings joy and pleasure.
  • Eat in harmony with your body.

    Many people who are not possessing full information and practice, I believe that consciously - intuitive power (IPR) is permissiveness.

    actually it is not. The IPR has rules, but they are inside-oriented, invented by Nature and genetically determined. And, for example, proper nutrition (PP) the regulation and control of externally oriented invented by someone.

    I was adept nutrition for many years, but now already 5 years old are adept to consciously intuitive nutrition. This diet teaches harmony with your body. Ideal for people with disorders and eating disorders.

    Proper nutrition, on the contrary, it further alienates man from his own body and exacerbate the eating disorder. And here's why. For example, proper nutrition signal for eating is time. Man is taught to eat every 2.5 - 3 hours, and did not focus on the signals of the body. It doesn't matter.

    consciously intuitive power signal for food intake is a physiological hunger is an internal signal of our body. One hears this signal, and only then eats. Time here has no value.

    the Amount of food. With proper nutrition the person focuses on the portion size of a fist, a glass corridor caloric value bread units, etc., without considering the many pitfalls, for example, the exchange of lipid metabolism, motor activity, phase of the menstrual cycle, mood and lots more.

    consciously intuitive nutrition quantity of food is regulated by the internal signal a feeling of satiety. When a man is sated, he stops eating even if the plate is left food.

    of Course, people with eating disorders need time to negotiate with a sense of satiety, but if you want everything is possible, this is a good practice.

    proper nutrition food is divided into good and bad, allowed and forbidden. Man eats not what he wants, and what he can and correctly. This situation is particularly disadvantageous for a person with eating disorders. The restrictions reduce the quality of life. And when he eats junk food, feeling anxious, feelings of guilt and shame, that's eating more and overeating....

    consciously intuitive power you can have it all! There are no divisions, prohibitions and restrictions.

    Man is free in his choice, but at the same time responsible, trust yourself, body and intuition. This is a very important point which helps to normalize eating behavior.

    proper nutrition people often eat with distractions: phone, computer, TV, book, etc. In this condition almost impossible to gain contact with food and body.

    consciously intuitive nutrition people focus on the food, it is important. He is here and now, fully enjoying the food, the flavors and aftertaste. It is this contact with food enriches our lives and enhances the quality of life. Because food is pleasure and joy.

    Our body is intelligent self-regulating system. Everything in it is completely and thoughtfully. Body signals: feeling of hunger, satiety, pleasure of eating and nutritional intuition is the internal controllers, which regulate the process of absorption of food. If they were not people simply did not survive. And our main task is to listen and to trust Nature. As soon as man is at odds with her, he is always the loser!

    Plan or already on the path consciously intuitive nutrition? What point a weak spot at the moment, do you?

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    Semerikova Elena
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