I Wrote, dear friends, a recent article "enjoy the communication with others is possible only if to himself well disposed.". This article is about the fact that meaningful communication with another person is only in the case when both partners of this communication sincerely interested in each other, and not fixated on what they look like. br>
For the simple reason that if we are immersed in their feelings about their imperfections and trying to impress, we actually closed on itself, and we're just not up to another person with whom we are supposedly communicating.
We then think only about themselves and to communicate in the full sense of the word business just doesn't get it.

And if both "source" are in this position (experiences of their own ambitions and how to impress better), then another person here like not. Each by itself.
There is such expression "loneliness together". Such a sad expression.

the Communication, which gives pleasure, is obtained only when every relates to yourself well and with respect. So to suffer on the topic "and what kind of impression I make" they don't need all my attention to move to the interesting interlocutor and enjoy the live human contact.

In General, my dear readers, if you wish, you can read the article itself in the original "enjoy the communication with others is possible only if to himself well disposed."
why the long preamble you may ask?:) br>
And the fact that the comments to this article I asked the question: "Maybe back then will tell you how to experience a sincere interest in the interlocutor?" And I promised to write about it.

Here, actually, right now I'm in this issue and I'll try to answer. Rather, offer your version. And yet - or rather one of the versions:)
And you, dear friends, if you wish, you can add your own in the comments. I think that would be interesting! I'd appreciate it!
Because each of us has our own unique experience and their unique view of the world. And in communion we can enrich each other with their interesting and sometimes unexpected thoughts!:) And discover something new.

so, how to experience a sincere interest in the interlocutor?

I would Start with the fact that no one can be interested in everything.
Therefore of interest to test for everything not worth pytatsya.

At the same time each of us has something that is interesting to him personally. There are genetic predisposition may affect the family traditions and peculiarities of upbringing and much more. br>
But, more importantly, each of us is these interesting topics, interesting lessons from which burn the eyes and warming to the soul. And sometimes it is and those our sensory signals, those of our sewn on an instinctive level preferences. It happens in relationships men and women. br>
And people, respectively, we are interested in those with whom we have a lot of matches.
Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes not. But something draws us, even when we do not really understand that. We just this man interesting. And we feel an interest in him.

But it may be that on a subconscious level we have bans to be interested in what we by nature are located.
for Example, it may be parental attitudes, the child needs to do in life. For example, the mother thinks that the son should be a lawyer. Or doctor. And the son the talent of the artist. Or cabinetry. But the family is, for example, is nonsense. And child is prescribed to be interested in the fact that he is not interested. He himself, for example, makes diligently, but... Eyes are not burning. And the soul does not heat. br>
I am, of course, a specific example for clarity led, but I think it is clear that we wonder what we are really interesting, but not what "must"!
Here and the people we attract those that touch some sensitive strings of our soul. And then the interest to the person we have - a sincere.

But is such that inhibitions are strong. And then the man may feel that he is nothing uninteresting and uninteresting one. Yes, it is. And it's sad. the
way there to understanding yourself and your real the interests of the efficient - through intelligent psychotherapy. And results, I must say, are stunning. When a man meets himself a real understanding that he was actually interested.

In General, in order to experience a sincere interest in the interlocutor, to understand yourself and your interests.
And thus to appreciate themselves and their interests. Respect yourself.
Then we are not going to spend itself, and the time of his life on people that are not good for us, with whom we have nothing in common. And then there is no need to pretend and to play its role with insincere feelings.
This one.
This is the first and most important is to understand who you really are. in order to experience a sincere interest in the interlocutor.
I Must say that it's easy to say, but do is not so easy. And then often without the aid of a psychologist can not do.

And more this genuine interest to experience? How?
When we understand that man is interesting to us. When we already believe yourself and allow yourself to be interested in them.
But many of us have more bans to be honest in expressing their feelings.
Well this is to show man that he you cute?? No way! Shame!))) I'm exaggerating a little, but in every joke...

It is not enough that you have to understand that you really interesting, because even feelings not to be afraid to Express! And it's also not so easy.
It also means open to the other person. That is, in a sense, be in a vulnerable position. And it also can be scary. br>
to overcome this fear (often, by the way, the unconscious) is possible, if you know why! That is when honestly say to myself that: "I want to communicate with interesting people to me."!

In General, I understand that "biggest in the world luxury is the luxury of human communication". And don't say so in vain.
Because it is not available to all.
But it depends on us a lot! Especially if to understand what!
But that will probably be a topic of another article:) Because all that can and should be said about this, in one small article does not fit))

And now I thank you for your attention, my dear readers! br>
And if you want will help you in understanding yourself.
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