you can be Angry, necessary and important.
When a person is angry it does NOT mean that they ceased to respect.

When a person is angry it does NOT mean that he loved. br>

Anger is a valuable emotion, it is Your power to act.

Repressing it, you go in game mode the "Victim-aggressor-rescuer".

Example: tolerate disrespect to You as a victim, complaining to a friend (mum colleagues) by inviting them into the role of rescuer.

At some point, parapanissios angrily, frustrated at the child as the aggressor, making of the child victim.

Aggression is the energy of motion to the goal. And when You use this power constructively, You become your own advocate. Claim your position in the world, keep their territory, their authority, reach goals, etc.

let's find out what does anger.

Think, think. In what moments do You feel angry?

When something happens not in Your opinion?

for Example, someone You do not respect, devalues, wants to violate Your boundaries, etc.
Anger teaches people to respect their needs,

to defend its borders.

And this can be done delicately. br>
How to Express anger green?

1. Honestly to tell the person that you're angry at him, to explain why you're angry and You important:

"I feel angry when you interrupt me, please wait till I finish the thought".

Or: "I felt sorry when I talked about my pain and heard from you that this is nonsense. For me it's about the depreciation of my experiences. And I'm asking you to respect my feelings, even when you think differently, you can instead: "it's Nonsense, don't worry" to say: "I would not hurt, however, I understand that you're hurt."

Or: "for the umpteenth time you do not comply with the agreement. I'm angry, feel despair, powerlessness to change something, because not everything depends on me, even from you. And I have a request, tell me another time, honestly, I can't fulfill the promise or what you think."
2. To procreates in the woods and break up with the evil stump with a stick.
3. Wash the Windows, sending the energy of anger into activity.
4. Beat the pillow with his hands, to hit the pillow with force on the floor.
5. Jump, driving your heels into the floor and roar like a wild beast.
6. To represent the image of the offender in the head or take his photo and to Express all that has accumulated.
7. Take the hammer and drive nails in the wood. To do it with the Mat, especially when there is a prohibition of swearing.
8. Chop the firewood.
9. Dance impulsive, eager, freeing the body of accumulated emotion.
10. Slowly spread cottage cheese or plasticine newspaper (paper), saying: "Oh, that was rastakoy, Yes I am..." and everything will pour out. You can swear.

11. Write a letter to the offender, to Express all claims, insults, fears. And don't send this letter. Write a day later, another letter. And write as many times writing, not yet released.

12. Go head over heels on the bed, howl.
And a lot more ways. br>
Some exercises you can do with children

to instill a culture of eco-friendly expression of anger (e.g., burst a lot of balls, and beat the pillow, at the same time, to speak the claims of the offenders).

it's better than:
- to grow in the body and psychosomatic symptoms due to the fact that within stuck emotions, which have no way out
- keep a clenched jaw, tense muscles,
- time to grow unexpressed anger into hate,
- contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases, hit his body on the furniture, accidentally cutting fingers, broken arm/leg etc. examples of lines of anger at the destruction of yourself,
- secretly revenge on the man
- long endure to be silent, and then pour on the close person a bucket of poison.

Try to allow myself to be angry.

Remember in which situations You are angry.

What is IMPORTANT for You when You're angry?

You allow loved ones to be angry?

are You Afraid to lose the love of his family, watching them angry at You?

do You Put an equal sign between mad and not love?

do You Respect their emotions, give them a place?

do You Respect the right of another person, for a stay of his emotions?

Can "be" with the anger of another person?

When we allow ourselves to be ourselves, then respect that right from others.

Braslavskaya, Tatyana
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