How to fight off the attacks in one sentence

If you hear or read in the address vulgar language, or offensive comments that use insults, jokes or even offensive, remember: WHAT you say Barker is as important as HOW you say it.

  1. HOW to SPEAK. Ham need to answer in a calm voice. In any case, it is not “bumping” at him in response. You can add in a voice a little “heat”. The easiest way – a little smile. then your voice will acquire the right intonation.
  • WHAT can I SAY, it's simple: you need to memorize two or three sentences that will fit the maximum number of situations. And then on the machine to answer. It is important to learn just two or three, because sometimes one sentence is not enough. Then repeated attacks of Hama use the second workpiece and, as a rule, the situation is resolved.
  • the Phrases I classify in two groups: depending on how close and how long have you know this person.

    ftimes, which are good to use with strangers or unfamiliar people.

    • “Is that all?»
    • «This is a set of words, or do I need to think about it?»
    • “Believe me, the rudeness, You don't to face»
    • “Why do you seek to appear worse than it really is?»
    • “I don't Have time to sort out your complexes»
    • “I Guess it hurts when come to mind such thoughts»

    Phrase that you can use if the person You know (co-worker, neighbor/ka, spouse, teenager, etc.):

    • “I think we better end this conversation
    • “Thank you for attention to my person»
    • "So, You want me to insult. Will talk more when You're determined to talk, not to swear".
    • "I See You want to let off steam and get rid of negativity".

    After these phrases should turn around and leave, thereby stating hamuhamu their behavior, what to speak in such a tone you won't.

    of Course, this phrase is not a panacea. But to buy time and not give You internally to a boil, they will help. 


    Method "Psychological Aikido»

    the Technique is based on the use of consent a boor.


    You come somewhere is all. Trying to get around and hear in his address:

    ham: “Where you're going! Don't see here all worth it!»

    You: “Yes, I see, thanks!» and continues to go forward.
    ham: “Dear! There are people standing in the queue!»
    You: “Well, Yes, all stand, and I climb…» continue in this style.

    Method “Switching”

    For this, in response to a rude comment you need to ask the question that the topic doesn't relate, churning, thereby confusing the enemy.

    for Example, the rudeness of the seller, you can ask an unexpected question.

    • “what was the score yesterday «Rostov» played?”.
    • “You know, the new minimum wage already approved?»
    • “Tell me, do you oil Vologda or Salskoe prefer?” etc.

    The unexpected question – the better.

    Always remain calm!

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