How to fill an inner emptiness


it is very difficult to be out of the relationship. Relations with the beloved man, with my own children, the parents fill us, give us a sense of importance. 
But what if you have your own family, you are not married (not married) and you have no children? There is work, there is a circle of friends, but a relationship no?
In this case, you can feel the inner emptiness.
to avoid this unpleasant feeling, we rush into a relationship. We literally run into the relationship and get really into them.

And the first time the relationship truly fill us, to be very tasty. But after a while there comes a time when we become little partner. We begin to experience a shortage of love. Our dissatisfaction with the partner increases. Sometimes it has under itself real soil. But! Simultaneously, shows us that inside of us is brewing conflict. The conflict between how "I live" and how I "want to live". 

When this conflict Matures, some decide to change partner. Other leaving the relationship or having an affair on the side. But healing does not happen - the conflict is not solved. Void, gaping inside of us that cannot be filled by another person! So this is the main unpleasant discovery.
We can't fill the void and resolve the internal conflict with the other. It is able to do only by us.

And then there is the important question "How and what can I fill this void?"

to answer this question, I propose to perform a simple exercise.
Draw on a piece of paper a flower with seven petals. On each petal write your talent or ability, those that are given to you by nature. 
for Example. By nature you are endowed with a very beautiful voice, and/or a beautiful appearance. You are kind and empathic. You are very neat and meticulous.
Fill in all seven petals. Don't be fooled by numbers, do you actually have all seven.
the center of the flower is yourself.

Now write a column for your talents. And next to each, write how you implement them.
And implement not for the benefit of yourself, beloved, and for the benefit of other living beings. For example, you have a beautiful appearance. How you use this gift? As example, take Natalia Vodianova. She's beautiful. And this is the gift of God uses it in its charitable activities. And how do you use your own beauty? Only for their own well-being or something else?

Evaluate your use of your talent and ability. 
for Example, you may get the following:
Beauty - 0 %
Beautiful voice - 10 % (you occasionally go to the orphanage and tell the children tales)
Goodness 50 % ( you are a wonderful mother and your children receive your unconditional love).
May your talents and abilities you implement one hundred percent. In this case, in my article you will not be interesting and the inner emptiness you feel)

Now go back to your drawing. You are using your talents outward, not only for their own benefit? Your petals will be continued - rays, which will put you in touch with the outside world. In this case you are cut off from the world, and are inextricably linked with him. Emptiness, but there is a fullness, a sense of meaning and realisation.

If petals is no "continue" outside, you have zero percent, you are in this case isolated from the world. Is your Ego is the world. But the connection between you and the world no. In this case, there is a feeling inside "emptiness". You seem to be doing something, work with someone to make friends. But feel not there, not with those and not then.


On this subject there is a great biblical parable "the buried talent" . In short, it is about what God gives everybody a talent. And it should be used and not "buried" in the ground. Otherwise the person is not using his talent, will be recovered.
by the Way, in the parable of "talent" is called the measure of money. The gentleman is none other than God himself.
 For us the important understanding that talent is not given for personal needs. Although the possession of talents facilitates our life and makes it easier. On the one hand. On the other, imposes on us a special responsibility for its use. 

the Talent given from above to ensure that we could provide this talent for good - to increase the world's goodness, beauty, love.
for Example, a person who has an innate sense of beauty and a gift for teaching, must implement it. How? For example, to be a teacher and teach kids how to draw. This is a special case. If this person is going to trade (there are, of course, more money), that very soon this work will be nasty and he will feel very unhappy man.

Go to work with joy, after it feel "drained" and inspired? So you on your location and your talent is not "buried"!

If we implement your talent in the service, it will be like that servant in the parable whom the Master was awarded for the augmentation of the talent.
If not, then, most likely, will be punished. Who and what? Yes, their own sense of uselessness, lack of implementation and meaninglessness. And this is another test!

Olga Fedoseeva

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