How to find a husband and to marry well. Part 4: limiting beliefs


After you have decided what you want from marriage and future husband, let's talk about beliefs.

You have no idea how much affect our lives fears and beliefs. Under the beliefs, I mean limiting beliefs that arise from social, family or cultural attitudes. We think we are masters of our life, and in fact, these beliefs limit our freedom and prevent to live your own life. The first step that you need to do is to find limiting beliefs, to make them aware. Here are just a few of the most common beliefs:

If I'm not getting married until 30 (35) years, then for life will remain lonely, because all normal men make out
who look at me with such an appearance? Men I love slender, and the legs from the ears, and I have as many as 5 (10) extra pounds, and legs do not grow from the ears, and most of the other places
I'm not worthy a good husband, because nothing, nothing really can not, with me nothing to talk about, I'm not well enough educated, to me boring and uninteresting, I'm not good enough, etc.
I will never marry. I just know it
All men goats (it has already become a classic!)

Easy with such conviction to find a suitable partner and get married?

And what do you do? you can ask:

- to Work with these beliefs! Alone or with a psychologist. You can try this technique:

  1. Look at the strong limiting belief and see how it holds. For example, let's look at the belief: if I'm not getting married till 35 years, will remain a spinster.
  2. Now let us evaluate the validity of this belief. Is it really so? Do not get married at 38 or 45 years? This is 100 percent true?
  3. If your answer is Yes – think this is true for all women or only for you? If only for you, then why?
  4. If other women cannot find a husband after 35 that you need in order to achieve the same?

similarly, you can work out all your limiting beliefs.

in addition to belief there are still fears, but with them it is better to work with a specialist.

good Luck and love!

to be Continued...

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Zasovska Svetlana
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