How to find a husband and to marry well.Part 2.


"How to get married and be happy in marriage? Why Masha, Olga, Katya and all around a long time started a family, and I'm still single? What's wrong with me?" These are questions I often hear from my clients at the first consultation. Quite a young, beautiful and intelligent woman, dreaming to create a family, for some reason can't do it. Tried a bunch of different ways to establish privacy and, completely desperate, they come to me, and together we look for causes and find a solution.
of Course, all individually, but I want to tell you about one of the main misconceptions that prevent not only build a good relationship and get married, but to live a normal life. This confusion is inexplicable, belief: "to have my relationship, then I will feel happy, and life will improve". Not adjusted, and happy will not. You don't think seriously that someone was born just to make you happy? If you can't make yourself happy, no one will do it for you, nor man, nor child, nor mom and dad. Only you yourself can begin to live that life to bring joy.

What do you need?

first, figure out what you want to do in life, what is your life project? What is important to you, what do you value most? What do you like to do, from which you get a drive that brings you joy?

second, no matter how banal it sounds, it's important to love yourself.

Only after you build a good relationship with yourself, learn to enjoy life being alone, you will be able to build a good relationship with a man. I foresee a counter-question: "if I get a good one, if I solve all their problems, take care of yourself and get pleasure from life, then why do I will need?" Answer: then you will be able to be with a man just because he's so cool that you are still with him is better than one. And it will be the adults, Mature relationship, where by and large no one owes nothing. You will be together just because you two are good together and you love each other. You have a good relationship and love!

to be Continued...

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Zasovska Svetlana
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