How to find a husband and to marry well.Part 3.


Remember how most fairy tales end? That's right – a wedding, and you ever thought, what happens next? If you do not know what you want to get married, very soon there may come a disappointment. Undergoing a period of passion and the need to somehow continue to build your lives together, and suddenly it turns out that you and your husband have completely different ideas about life.

have you ever considered the reason why you do must get married? You'd be surprised, but the answer is not obvious. The answer to this question depends not only the future of your marriage, but failures in building a serious relationship. We are not talking about situation when you already have a relationship, you love each other and it is quite natural to marry the man she loved. I mean the situation when girls or women not in a relationship, and she wants to marry not with a specific person, and generally seeking to marry. If you just in this situation and you want to marry someone you have not met, it is important to answer the question of why you want it so badly. Before you read any further, sit back, close your eyes and try to honestly answer the question: "why do I want to get married? What needs to change in my life after the wedding?" Answers like "I want a family and children" is not complete, since it is important to understand what it is you want family and children. You will not believe, but even children people have, for various reasons, however, unfortunately, for the most part without even thinking about it.

So why are girls so hard to get married? What prevents them to enjoy life and try not to tug at the registry office of the first comer? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • all friends got married and I got to go
  • parents (grandmothers, aunts, cousins and other relatives, usually female) put pressure on the psyche: "what are you thinking, you're married, then you're not going to need to remain an old maid"
  • from nowhere came the belief that an unmarried woman is incomplete, therefore, it is necessary to marry at any cost
  • in society, it decided that the woman was married and had children, otherwise look askance at her and not think a full-fledged member of society
  • to prove to the former man I understand that you are wildly successful, and he missed his happiness

what do you think, is it possible to marry well, if you focus on this? I think the answer is obvious.

In the next article I will talk about the basic fears and beliefs that hinder to meet the man of her dreams.

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Zasovska Svetlana
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