How to find a job to be a teacher.


This post may be useful to anyone who is looking for himself and thinks about building your business, but not yet decided on this.

Personally, I just love listening to the stories of real people about beginning their own business! br>

Me it is very inspiring and enriching, plus such stories can be a great help for the graduates of our course "Seven steps to work is a joy", where we learn to hear themselves, their needs and desires, to realize and to "take stock" of their strengths and talents and build a path to a new "professional self". And often our members are born bright ideas just about your business.

so now I listen to a podcast of a Russian entrepreneur who started his business in London.

Below is briefly what I personally responded and I especially agree based on my personal experience and what I see in our groups:

!!! "Dreams are forgotten".

Yes, that's right - in idle they don't come true and are forgotten!((( If you have a dream, we must not lose time, and to turn it into a goal!
- Fake it until you make it - at first pretending to be someone you want to become until you will not. You will get used to a new role and will find yourself - that's about the psychodrama!! - about the capture and building of the new role, about what we're working on the 3rd module of the course!

- Not to dwell on one idea - it can evolve. I agree, flexibility is always important.

- Actively telling and sharing your idea with people. They can give valuable advice.

- Not wait for the perfect time to start to move now.

- Set deadlines. Where no time frame?) By the way, the last module of the course, we put a rough plan with mandatory deadlines.

- Start the business gradually if you do not have a logo, website and customers, it should not stop you, at the beginning of any business, there are many uncertainties, this should not discourage you.

- business Idea in mind vykristalizovyvaetsya gradually and you gradually get used to their new role, understand your business and who your target audience is. - Yes, totally agree! For example, now, after more than a year after the first of the course to find a new professional myself, now after the 20th of carrying out it is much deeper and wider felt. If earlier it was about "Frustration at work: to leave or to stay?", now, after rethinking and receiving delayed feedback it sounds like "Seven steps to work (but actually - "back to life") to joy."

- Funky buisiness - conduct business in the style of "funk", and Yes, I have long wanted to read this book.

- Start small. At first business as a hobby, no business plan is not executed with 100% accuracy when confronted with reality, you will meet a lot of new nuances.

- Start from the market, how you are seen by others. To be constantly in touch with your customers, get feedback from them, even, perhaps, to ask you to criticize.

This is briefly what I said.

If you still only think about what you would like to do, then I advise you to read books by Barbara Sher, or come to us on the course Seven steps to work is a joy, which starts in the updated version 8.10!

Here is a link with a detailed description:

Natalya Gracheva
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