How to find a job you love?


I want to make work like. To the process and outcome of his case has brought a real pleasure. To eyes were alive, and inside burned a fire. It's all very cool experiences. I was lucky (or not say) just to go to school for that specialty, which in the end proved to me the most suitable, and I can't stop to rejoice about.

But often I encounter people who can not to choose the profession in high school, after graduating from University, and after obtaining experience in 20, 30, 40 years. Or, having worked in one place all my life, from time to time think about the fact that this was not what actually wanted. Or not at all. And in these moments I always feel sad.

the Theme of professional identity for me has always been very important and I was actively interested in how you can help the person to make his choice. At this point I had some idea what to look for when choosing a job. Turned out three areas:

  1. inclinations and interests (where you are drawn, and what brings pleasure even without payment of your work)
  2. Ability (intellectual, creative, pedagogical, etc.).
  3. Resistance (feelings, thinking installation and other things that prevent implementation of desired in reality)

In high-quality vocational study, the emphasis is on all three parts. There's a bunch of tests aimed at the study of aptitudes and interests. Fit tests to determine the abilities less, but they also have. But working with resistance is easiest to do in conjunction with a specialist psychologist.

as for abilities, there is a very interesting and not always the obvious thing. If you're used to that in screenstate need to be able to do everything (regardless of interesting or not, is easily obtained or not), it's hard to say goodbye to this thought at a later age. My idea is simple:

You do not have to do what is difficult and uninteresting. You can focus only on what is easy and brings you pleasure.

it Seems to be just. But sometimes these insights are like a revelation, and remove the established limits. In fact, the ability and the interest often coincide, and this has its explanation. The great thing about this is that in your suddenly open a lot of powerful energy, new ideas and strength. Because you no longer need to spend to force yourself to do something. This task is increasingly becoming irrelevant, and resources that you spent, are freed for something new. And this is fun!

There are people who, conversely, like to overcome difficulties, to spend a lot of effort into their work, and only if they feel emotionally comfortable. About this is to not write anything, but if you're one of these, you know — it is possible and in another way :)

And a few important things that I want to convey.

— if in daily life you find it difficult to determine their desires (e.g. what do you want to eat? what would you do?), it is unlikely that you will be able to choose something suitable for themselves in the profession. For starters, it is important to learn to listen to him.

in any job, what would be a favorite as it may be, there are always difficulties and unpleasant moments, it is a fact.

— any interest, however powerful he may be, can pass and can be in the resistance, about which I wrote above and in the emergence of more urgent interests. Man is a dynamic system, and everything in it is subject to change. This is normal.

currently, more and more people thinking about the value of interesting and favorite work, and I'd like to see this idea took place in your life.
Maria Soglaeva
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