How to find a profession for everyone? The change kind of activity.


How to find a deal to their liking and to earn on it? What to do when you grew up, but what I want to be did not understand?

Life from Friday to Sunday, the rest of the time want to climb the wall? At the thought of tomorrow back to work they hate a bad mood? It seems that this "hell" will never end?

there is a solution! Find the activity that You will like. The case, which will illuminate the eye and the soul to sing. And of course, the case that demand on the labor market, where You can become a professional.

Live theme, I've been there. Now will help You than I can, what would You have walked your unique path easier and faster.
the First thing we decide is what You are for personality and what talents, inclinations have?

To do this, click on this magic link and honestly pass the personality test for Myers-Briggs — the MBTI test. It will take You no more than 15 minutes. Answer honestly, there are no wrong answers. The goal is to find your personality traits, which would then navigate the maelstrom of modern professions.
This test are students of Western Universities on a mandatory basis before the choice of specialization. It is very accurate.

Then, when You passed the test and received a result code of four capital letters, for example,  part no INFP. Click on the following link, find Your four uppercase letters and see what careers are recommended for this type of personality.

 Next, quietly studying a list of occupations and figure out what is soul, what is the tendency in the form of talents or skills. 

And don't forget to "go" Headhunter ( and figure out what are the prospects for this profession, when a candidate without experience, with primary experience, and experienced professionals.

This information will help You plan further actions, such as how much you should accumulate for the change of profession. After all, some time will be spent on training, some internship/first job in a new profession and only after a while the business will generate revenue.

I Wish You success in finding a new, happier life!

sincerely, psychologist, hypnology Svetlana Filippova

P. S. Record on consultation by phone: +7 985 509-03-91 (what's app) .
to Participate in a FREE online course, "the Desired changes in the life" can the link.

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