How to find out?


Sometimes it happens that we get lost in circumstances that make us feel worse and worse.
All attempts to understand only lead to the fact that entangled more and do not know what to do, and do not want anything. Only feel bad and need to get out, and they do not know.
it is not clear where the exit is and how to find it. br>
In such cases you can use a hint. Now I will tell you and you probably will think: "Damn! I never think of that?".

most Often the exit where the entrance was!

I also don't understand how I had not thought of, although not once had to wander in life, in search of the comfort of adverse circumstances.

as I have suggested. I checked - works. Yes, this is obvious!

If you somehow climbed into the circumstances in which you feel bad, it means that of them and you can get out. After all, if you get lost, it is reasonable to just return along the trail to the place where you turned the wrong way, and exit on the right. br>
This can be done yourself, just need to be careful. the
First is not easy to see where he lost his way, where he made the wrong decision and went the wrong way. But as you gain experience, it becomes easier to understand, the circles which get lost, are reduced. Faster find the right solution. br>
However, you do not have to go such a long way.
I needed in order to learn to understand all the intricacies and intricacies, by virtue of their profession. I am a psychologist.
You can turn to for advice. Understand much easier. The side view allows you to quickly see where a mistake was made, which of the steps was wrong. And most importantly, to understand what had led to the wrong path, to continue to not make such mistakes.

of Course, to see and admit their mistakes is not very nice. But seeing and recognizing - you can fix them.

Psychologist Sterkin Andrey.
Counseling in person, Skype and telephone.
Average cost of consultation is 1000 rubles/hour.

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