For consultations, I'm often asked: "How to build a strong, lasting relationship with your partner for life?"

I Think that this question is relevant to many girls and men. So today I want to start series of articles on the topic: "How to figure out if you suit each other for long and strong relationship?" br>
did you Know that there are four main criteria which must be met by the partners so that their relationship became long-lasting and sustainable? Each criterion is based on the results of the latest studies showing what you expect men and women from a permanent partner. br>
I will tell you how to find out whether your love is real, and what traits and qualities should have exactly what you need. br>
Girls, how many times have you wondered why men afraid of commitment? And if you heard the answer? I think it's interesting the fact that men fall in love more often than women. But then they are more likely to go back on their word. Why? Because men, according to research scientists, become more susceptible to important for life together the qualities of his lady, only when relationships become more serious. They just need more time to come to this. br>
During the flush phase of the first dates the man will not engage in deep analysis. He will not be sitting with a friend over a beer, thinking: "Hey, how far do you think she will support me in realizing my aspirations?" He is not inclined to consciously think about the question: "What's her relationship with her mother and about what it speaks?" However, when a man begins to think about long-term relationships, it has inner instinct for such things. That is why it happens that when relationships become close for life together or for the wedding suddenly at the last moment he presses on the brakes!

Many women say in this case, "He chickened out" or "He's afraid of commitment". Probably just realized that he and his girlfriend weren't right for each other for some more important life parameters. br>
In fact, scientists have shown that there are four criteria which must be met by the partners so that their relationship became krepki and long-lasting. Each criterion is based on the results of the latest studies showing what is expected of men and women from a permanent partner. These criteria are called "Strong four". br>
to show that you're the person needed your partner, you have to find a way to hint to him that you meet all the criteria of the "Strong four". And that's actually most of these criteria:

1. do you and your partner the same deep convictions and values in life?
2. the Same whether your ideas about what it means to "be together"?
3. is it Possible to rely on your partner if you suffer misfortune? br>4. if every one of you to support personal and professional growth of another?

First, check yourself against these criteria (but honestly!), and then check on this list and your choice. If the partners do not satisfy at least one of these criteria, long-term relationship between them virtually impossible. Disagreements will eat your love piece by piece until you find yourself in front of an empty plate, both eager to satisfy those hungry for love with someone else. br>
the following articles will consider all criteria for "Strong four" in more detail.

Elena, Lis
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