Sooner or later the question of finding YOUR business rises to almost each person, if discovery had not happened as if by itself, for example, a hobby is not flowed in a logical manner in a professional occupation.

Some of the above question just the same torments and tortures. "I ...dtsat years, and I do not represent from itself" or "I'm really tired to work in ...". Someone future profession chosen by the parents, sometimes not simply not asking the child about his desire, and even when ordering. Someone gets a temporary job because of the urgent need to close some of the financial "hole". Someone is tired of doing the same, let the past, even very strong favorite. Well, someone just failed to appreciate their inclinations and went to study at the wrong place, and then got to work on the profile.

anyway, the absence of the now beloved things is not a sentence. A way to find it – a great many.

One of the ways, as already wrote here, is to convert a hobby into a money-generating activity. Very often it is possible and quite easy. You probably about this method already many times heard. About other common, too, is talking. The way that I want to offer today – not too well-known. It is to take care of yourself.

Make a recapitulation of the last days three to seven of your life. Sometimes even a glance on the day's clarity. Pay attention to what you were doing. Especially note those things that brought you pleasure, joy or even satisfaction.

What are your things as if by themselves? What you don't have to force yourself. While what you are "rushing" and "bears"? What matters in recent days have filled your soul?

Go to their pages on social networks. Look at what topics are you doing posts? What are they?

Go to the history browser you use? What is it? And which pages are the bookmarks? What kind of subjects covered by the authors of these sites and pages?

Next it makes sense to look at desktop, if you are there to keep for themselves. What is it? What all of this information?

what lies in your computer? What's in a smartphone?

Found something for yourself? The theme of this information speaks to the fact that you care. There is in all this something in common? Is it possible to isolate the direction for the development of future business?

It is in some cases quite real. Well, if you've been unable to find out for myself, maybe time to therapy? Psychologists, in a range of professional interests which include assistance in finding the case, which will lie a soul, or directions for learning have, as a rule, many of the tools for this.


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Larisa Nesterova
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