the Given here issues help you get out of any problem situation, setting up a decision. Because often we are just not able to see all aspects of the problem. Like a bee which does not distinguish objects more flower and stumbled on the person honestly did not understand what the obstacle is met. But nature is wiser than humans: instead of having to start a long analysis and recognition of the object, a bee just flies around you. Similarly, in life problems are often easier to find than to understand all aspects. And to find the right way will help you answer the following questions:

1. What's wrong with you?

2. The goal of therapy, or what you want to attain instead of problems?

3. Signs: how do you know you have achieved the desired result, that working with an expert brings you the desired benefit?

4. Where, when, how and with whom you wish to goal achievement?

  • In Moscow and only visit to Paris?
  • 2070 or maybe early?
  • How? To learn English is still necessary not only to overcome laziness and motivate, but also to buy tutorial or to recover still necessary to accompany it with some kind of drugs, or physical therapy... Not completing this item, you run the risk, even with super-successful therapy and remain perfectly tuned violin, which nobody plays.
  • With who? Business with criminals, or marriage with an alcoholic?

5. As the achievement of the goal will change your daily life? It is simple, but the most important question, which checks - whether you will get what you want? Not crippled whether achieving the goal of your life and will not be deprived of something very important? And in which direction everything will change in 5-7 years?

6. Purely motivating question: what happens in your life, if you don't achieve results? Psychotherapy still requires material costs and your time. Maybe it's not that scary? Maybe you can live with this a little more?

7. So whether or not to take up the case?

Receiving psychotherapy begins with a similar interview. After all, as he wrote Lewis Carroll: "If you don't specify where you want to go - you don't even realize that you already came." The data from this interview record result, which has the purpose of psychotherapy and the grounds on which you can monitor the progress of achieving it. Otherwise, the work process will not differ from the "finger in the sky."

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