How to find the second half

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When you start to think about their lives, trying to understand what is still wrong with it (for example, why you have no serious relationship), you should carefully examine the situation and weigh all the facts. Deal to start yourself, and then you will be able to understand why you no one in love.
then start to overcome their fears. The more you think about them, the more a growing feeling of sadness and loathing. Convince yourself. Remind yourself that you are good-looking, pleasant, confident, beautiful.

in Just one week, you meet hundreds of people at bus stops, in bookstores, cafes and even in the queue of the supermarket. The world is full of wonderful people and even a person who does not notice, over time, still finds such a person he will be happy. Personal problems do not justify you. Different types of people with different IQ, can fall in love with each other. In order to find true love, you don't need to be perfect in everything.

Stop trying to justify this. Problems that sitting in your subconscious, preventing you to get in contact with the opposite sex. It is likely that you had once had your heart broken and now you are scared to relive the pain. Don't be afraid to act. If you guys are serious and you are mutually in love with each other, in which you have little chance to experience the pain of a broken heart.
If you do not fight your fears, it is very hard to find love. Yes there is love, you will be hard to even look into the eyes of the man that you like, and it's even harder to open up your soul. If you are sure that you will not be able to overcome the fears, then you automatically want to be alone all my life. Think about it.
There are other reasons why you can't understand that you need to fight your fear. Don't be afraid to experience new pain. Fears can be caused by guilt or anger. There are millions of possible reasons, we cannot say with certainty what you have. I can't say specifically, and based only on my experience, because many causes are hidden deep within us. And only when you will find "subliminal trap" that created your fears, you will truly be free and be fully prepared for a step towards his love. As soon as you will raise to the surface the reasons for your fear that you had not noticed before, they will not be so hard to control you. For example, when you suppressed the anger towards men, you no longer to avoid them. But you can experience the anger on a former relationship, you won't be able to forgive and forget former partner.

These barriers can't be removed if you do not know about their existence. These hidden barriers have more power over us, only when we recognize them, we can start a fight with them. Barriers that move us, are not subject to control. Only when we understand what caused our fears, we can fight them. Then you will be again ready to re-open your heart and create new relationships.
Subconscious barriers that keep us under control, rejecting the world around us, reducing all the chances that we'd be able to love again. But when you stop avoiding your fears, doubts, and stop endlessly justified, your heart opens to a new step on a meeting to love. When you start to smile to an unknown stranger or strike up a conversation at the bar, you begin hunting for a potential partner. Smiling, you are full of energy, and because of this, you begin to attract the attention of other people. Then you start to increase the odds in search of their halves.
So if you really want to have a good and strong relationship, you need to change your attitude to yourself and overcome a lot of fears.

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