How to find the way to him


the Most difficult and, at the same time, the most important task in the life of any person, especially people embarked on the path of personal growth is to find the way to him. Whatever happens in your life, no matter how joyful or, on the contrary, sad, happy or tragic, happy or unhappy it may be you'll never break free from the cycle of illusions and false trails, until you realize that the most precious thing you have in life is yourself.

Words that were used in writing this article, it is difficult to convey things that can only be understood on the level of experience, but I will try to help you to configure your intuition to find answers to the most important questions of your life.

Maybe they will sow in your unconscious certain grains, which, after some time, will lead to striking insights and deep realizations.

Why I forgot about myself

When you were a child, you perceived the world as it really is whole, alive and constantly changing. Then, in the process of education and socialization, when your head has scored a variety of crazy parents, a school teacher and other adult, you began to perceive it as it is "accepted" is static, fragmented and conceptual. In other words, you began to estimate the reality through the prism of different models, each of which in varying degrees, inadequate.

And the biggest illusion or "shiz" that you have imposed – it is your self-concept. Due to natural biological program that told you not only to copy their parents and other "adults", but also to perceive them as authorities, you picked up on a conscious and unconscious level, a huge number of all sorts of plants. And, first and foremost, regarding your identity or "social roles" (masks).

Pulled from childhood mask ("good boy", "obedient girls", "diligent student" and etc.) and not one, you are making your main mistake – you begin to believe that the mask is you. Further there is even more monstrous thing – you create your own mask and try to communicate with the world through her. For example, being a rabbit, you wear a wolf mask and go with her to the world. It is clear that not being a wolf in fact, you instead of the expected bonuses from this mask, you will only get problems.

to Remove the mask of ego

to Remove the mask with one hand quite simply and it can be done quickly. And very difficult and in some it takes the whole of life. Most of it dies with a mask on his face.

you Just have to stop lying to yourself and honestly look at yourself. This means that if you, for example, rabbit, wolf mask, you need to see a rabbit, not a tiger or a lion. But behind the mask of a "strange mix" ordinary cow. I agree that it is very unpleasant and very painful. Because you've convinced yourself that you're "special", "unique", what you give you only relevant opportunities and will move mountains and rivers back and let the 12 labors of Hercules would do. Why can't you just be who you really are.

And that's your biggest problem. You don't want to take. For all its flaws, which at the same time are advantages. And most importantly – with all the immense personal potential that you have. After all, if you hadn't lied to ourselves and been himself, then you would be able to cultivate those inclinations that were inherent in you from birth and clearly indicated a harmonious place that you can have in this world.

for Example, you consider yourself a successful professional (or head) and the bosses only fueling this belief (of course, so you better work) and you completely ignore, not ignore, but in an emphasis do not see their talents in poetry, music, massage or painting. And if you do not see, means will not be able to deploy them at 100%. Although if you're with the same fervor as you rush through the ranks, developed these talents, you would be a very cool master. Much cooler than some "office clerk – a successful specialist."

Acquisition of integrity

in Addition to written in your "firmware" illusions ("lunacy") and desperate lies to yourself to gain integrity and be yourself stopping you is the main thing – your position of the victim in life. And even if you disagree – you're still a victim. Simply because "playing the victim" is the most important game on our planet. This Game is the same Matrix that we ably demonstrated by the Wachowski brothers.

the Victim by their nature are not holistic, because the first thing she betrays herself, himself, and then, "for the company", and all the rest. And does it not by some evil intent, but simply because of their weakness, which inevitably occurs and is increasing after each act of betrayal.

the Integrity of the person, if we discard the husk without practical value of psychological definitions, is primarily the ability to keep the Word you gave to yourself. It is this strong man, leader, master of your life is different from the weak, from the victim. The victim is given a word never holds. And not to experience unbearable psychological discomfort from this fact, lying to himself, explaining that to blame circumstances, lack of resources, support and other mythical factors.

So starting to deal with their own lies, you will inevitably come to understanding of the need to keep his Word. As to himself, and to those whom you gave it. And the sooner you understand it the faster you will change for the better your life.

Life is a process of moving towards the goal

If we take almost any successful person that has outstanding results in your life, then the question of what is the most important thing to succeed in life, then most likely he will say that the main thing is to have your goal and steadily move towards it no matter what. This is the basics.

"psychiatrist Vladimir Kucherenko told me on the air this absolutely true story.

In one of the Northern seas sank the ship. Almost the entire crew was killed and the radio operator was rescued and brought to the mainland. After a long stay in the cold water he was unconscious. It came to visit a friend, also a radio operator. And this, the second, noticed in the hands of his friend the rest of the key that radio operators transmit messages. Moreover, he quickly realized that, while unconscious, the radio operator with the dead ship continues to tap out the SOS signal and the coordinates of the distress of the vessel.

in an attempt to pacify his ailing colleague, a radio operator with the fingers of the hand gave the signal: "You got it. Go to help."

a few seconds from a dying radio operator started the agony, and he died. the Man lived only because he had a purpose. Took a goal and his life ended".

(Maksimov A. M., the Tenth book, or behind the scenes of "Vremechko", Moscow, Astrel; "AST", 2002, p. 90.)

the Problem with your goal is that you simply do not know. Is your Real Big Goals you have a lot of that tied to survival, having fun, improving living conditions, receiving a prestigious consumer items, the acquisition of some social status and other in the same spirit.

meanwhile the real purpose of man is full, maximum implementation itself. Realization through a creative act, through the creation or introduction of something new, something better in this world. Only at the time of such realization the man feels that he is truly happy.

Finding such a goal is several cycles of iterations, each of which can find the missing "jigsaw" to create an integrated and consistent picture. As a result, you get a clear understanding of its mission, see its purpose and the job that you really need to do, this goal should be reached.

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