once I was faced with the same issues as you. One of the main was - where do you find time for all these practices, which will surely make my life better, but only subject to regular their use? Though already convinced that they really work, and am interested in the required changes... But, damn it, seizes turnover! So many things that it is impossible to find on these practices of power and time.

In fact, that is the beginning of change to INCORPORATE these new practices in their daily business. We're looking for not some horrible practices, and the most needed for most pressing issues. Why are we looking for them? Because we have in the Arsenal of ways to tackle such situations is not working. So you need only to change the usual, but not an effective way of responding to such situations on new, effective. Yes, it is clear that it is difficult and unusual. But the point is to make efforts to this switch, instead of looking for special time "practices".

for Example, you made it a terrible habit to dwell on unpleasant household episodes: someone got nasty in the store, the associate rudely responded to your offer, someone "clipped" on the road, in the subway door slammed in the nose... Like anything significant - but you always keep playing inside my head this situation: when doing my job, household chores, walking down the street and even when you go to sleep. You then criticize the abuser, then get mad at yourself, then figure out what you would say or do in response. All of this does not focus on their business, sucks a lot of energy and as a result, new domestic conflicts and troubles.

here you will learn about the practice, which allows you to clear your mind from "all this". And less and less "cycles" on such situations. You tried it on one of the most recent memories of this kind, and (Hooray!) is it really "erased" and don't come back! Of course, you are committed now every time in such cases to resort to this practice.

But here begins a "normal life", the same routine and again the usual way, going over in mind all these boorish antics of colleagues and bystanders, to close the nose doors and stuff like that. Do you remember about the practice and really want to use it - but can't find time!

now stop for a minute! After all, you spend a lot of time and effort for all those scrolling in the minds of the obtained minor wounds. You don't pay attention to it because it's familiar and it seems self-evident. The thing is to INSTEAD take and perform the same practice! It - is - not in some extra time.

This is the same that to change their diet, wanting to lose weight and get healthier. No need to find time to eat healthy, lasting, there are harmful too. Need to replace the harmful to helpful. Not TOGETHER, INSTEAD.

of Course, you may need to "pump up" certain psychological skills. And this will really need to seek time, refusing any other jobs that are less significant for you. This is just good training, when you are immersed only in the elaboration of the necessary skills.

But even if you are in your daily life will REPLACE the usual, but a losing strategy, new, unusual, but winning - that's enough to welcome change in your life doesn't have to wait long!

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