Hello, my name is Tatiana, I'm 26 years old. I feel stupid and insignificant. I hate myself. I have not achieved anything in this life. I went to go to beauty school, but left because I realized that it was not mine. Then I went to study fashion design, also realized that is not mine and left. Worked as a sales assistant in a clothing store, but I was not satisfied with the salary and I left. And of his family I have. Please help, I don't know what to do. How to stop hating yourself?

Hello, Tatiana.
As I see it, now you are in search of their calling, their cause in life - which would you like to be paid so that you are happy with it. And it is normal that you start, try, make conclusions, and leave one thing, start another - and again to draw conclusions. You look for yourself. You started this search at the age of 26 (and that's okay!!). Not all Teens have the opportunity, because of different circumstances in life. And now something prompted still to start looking for his job - and it's great.
the Problem is the feelings that you have raised due to the fact that you are still undecided. Give yourself time to determine as long as you want. Ask for help to a psychologist if possible - start individual counseling. So you will be able to find his calling. Also, you will be able to work on self-esteem. Humiliation of yourself, your value comes from the relationships closest people to you in childhood. This issue needs to be explored. Now, at this point, the negative feelings toward yourself you "motivated" to continue the search and move on. But in a way these negative feelings way to study their abilities and talents turn into "hell". You can't give yourself the right to fail.
you feel you do not conform to somebody else's ideas - as it should be already at your age. It's just the ideal "norm" for society. And of society - it's the same issue. Within you is the image of society - which you accuse. And this image that was created from specific events in your life. And you can change it to the way the society that you will be accepting and supportive. And then, in real reality it will be easier to find such a society, and to enter into relationships with people who will appreciate you.
I want to say that you're right. Each person has his own rhythm of achievements, creating a family, finding yourself and your calling. But with this inner figure, which humbles you, makes you hate and plunges into despair, to work in personal therapy.

I Will be glad to help you. Write.

PS.: You can ask me your question, describe your situation and get me writing a mini-consultation.

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Irina Potemkina
Analytical psychologist and practices TPP, Illustrator

Potemkin Irina
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