How to find your calling when you are over 30?


How to find your calling, when you are over 30?

30 years - in my generation – this is the time when they become visible the consequences of our choice in the 20-th. br>
Those who studied hard - got a job, got a promotion and can now afford my first expensive car. Those who married early, to see their children go to primary school. Those who partied and drank, was at the zero point...

Here are a few truths for the faint-hearted, for those who doubt and for those who wonder whether it makes sense in their lives:

1. Do not confuse "find my inner calling and get what I really want."
What I'm REALLY trying to get from my calling? br>
People confuse "find your calling" C "to get rich / to draw in / to be loved":
I want to find my purpose in life, to feel __________ (enter your). br>
If you are building your life on the basis of unsatisfied needs, then how will you get energy and inspiration from the activities, in difficult times?
What will happen to you when you "actually" going to live your dream? br>
If you write something like: I want to feel more (!) loved, attractive, important, ask yourself the following questions:

a) That now causes you to be unloved, unimportant, not attractive? br>
b) What would have happened if I'd done what I really want? br>
in Other words, what would have changed if I started to love myself, as I want people to like me? br>
How would it be if I started to think of myself as a worthy and important person because I want others to think of me?
Answering these questions honestly, at some point, you may be asking yourself: "So what I'm trying to find when looking for and moving to his calling?"
the Answer is: Nothing. br>
In fact, your true inner calling has no purpose. It's just. You follow him, and not because they want to get something from it. You follow him just for him. No need for justification. No material or emotional rewards. br>
a Good way would be to just wait and see without remorse. When you turn inward, you will discover your top priorities and important interests, chances are they already present in your everyday decisions.

Rousinova Olga
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