not to tell your grandkids how you "tweaked" and earned nothing except disease and modest pension, make sure in advance that your life has not become a territory for survival, and was a pleasant journey with interesting lessons along the way.

Why we get "not there"?

  1. Accept someone else's setup for their. When you grow up in a family of doctors, then, by default, you were born with a scalpel in his hands and you "SHOULD" like to sew and cut different parts of the body. Think you really enjoy what you are doing?

  2. do Not consider the physical data and abilities. If the task is simplified by the athletes and the coach selects the best of the best, in ordinary life, an easy mistake to make. To prove to myself, unloading the wagons that you are "invincible hero", while having a fragile body, at least, unwise and poses a direct threat to health.

  3. Go on the most difficult path. If you have learned the expression "we are not looking for easy ways", then can get off with a nice trip and start "punching" the wall "on principle". First, to prove to mom that you are not afraid of difficulties, and secondly, you think that "the grass is greener, where you are not," and third, "fight" somehow distracts from "sad thoughts" about the "sad life".

  4. do Not count the starting skills. Become a good and valuable to science a biologist's much easier if you have five years with pleasure collected butterflies and studied the anatomy of worms. If for some reason you decided to be a lawyer, though dull, but respectable and reasonable, you will need much more time and effort to convince others of your competence. Now, sitting in a stuffy office, you make a contract, seeing off the evil eye butterfly outside the window.

  5. Afraid of change. the Likelihood to live a grey, uninteresting life with daily crossing the street in the same place is much less scary than the horror of moving to another city, change the social circle and learning new things. If the fear to cross the threshold of the house is so big, you have until retirement to make dirty galoshes after a hard day and see themselves as "star of the catwalk" only in dreams.

How to find my class?

  1. Think about what kind of people you would like to work. Forget adjectives: good, young, talented, etc., Use verbs. What exactly should they do and be able? To understand the laws, putting things in folders to tell jokes at lunch to juggle cups of coffee. Details are important!

  2. Where would you like to work? In the city or in the village, you might imagine yourself in another country or just on your favorite couch.

  3. Determine the specific amount of money you need to maintain minimal, normal and luxurious standard of living. the Minimum is the amount at which you have "not survive" and life scares you. The normal level suggests a comfortable life, you don't need to think about saving. On the luxury level you can afford anything, including large expenses, plus create a reserve. Call specific amount with the understanding of why you need money. If you've felt out there, changing directions, be prepared for a temporary decrease in income.

  4. What would you like to do at work? Imagine a particular process, who or what would you prefer to touch (mess) in the process: clients, animals, machines, art, etc., Observe how others cope with you are interested in the job. If possible, try a different, appealing class to feel their body (physically).

  5. Ask yourself what you like to do a lot with inspiration: to chat, to settle other people's problems, give advice, draw, prepare food, make hands, to seek information, care, explain, etc.

  6. Assess your natural abilities, physical characteristics, habits. If you find it difficult to say how you used to behave in a given situation, try purposefully to work out simple things. Also, you can ask others to observe you: how fast you proceed to the case, carefully examine whether the information or prefer to act intuitively, ask questions, pause or accustomed to rely only on themselves, doing everything at once in one breath. Pay attention to your fitness, stamina level, ability to tedious work, stress, biological rhythms, etc.

  7. Map attracting you with their personal observations of myself. first note that the activities on which you are more likely coincidences, i.e., your personal qualities, desires and skills match the requirements for this occupation. Defining yourself as a patient, communicative person, who loves to train and gets pleasure, appreciating the knowledge of others you can teach. If you enjoy visiting the gym, you like to work on the beauty of your body, love to give advice on nutrition , help to learn for beginners simulators and simultaneously talk about "muscle groups" that coaching will be a great beginning of your career to the owner of the fitness club.

Choosing an occupation "for the soul" first of all, define for yourself what you really like and only after that, evaluate what you have and determine what skills and qualities you have to acquire. The more you have at the start, the sooner you can be a "gold expert" in your field and get pleasure from the process and from rising living standards.

Pavel Kolesov

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