As you know, the Japanese, among other things, is famous for a phenomenal percentage of centenarians in the country. But in Okinawa, this figure exceeds all other limits.
there are many factors affecting the life expectancy of the population of the island, but there is a feature that distinguishes them from others. People call it ikigai.

the meaning of the word "ikigai" can be translated as "what gives life meaning and what makes us Wake up every morning with joy."
in Other words, ikigai is a purpose and implementation of human rights, which not only gives meaning and fullness to his life, but also satisfaction with life.

Finding your ikigai is a crucial task for everyone who is committed to self-development and self-realization, who want to live a long, meaningful life filled with meaning and satisfaction, not just to exist.

Ikigai is at the intersection of 4 major spheres of life:
what a person likes to do;
that man knows how to do;
what people need;
for that person to pay the money.

People who have a zest for life and a desire to proceed immediately to their work and perform it in the best way unfamiliar depression, they retain an optimistic attitude and are not subject to destructive habits.
They are characterized by a sense of self-worth, a sense of satisfaction.

And you want to find your ikigai?

1. Aftertaste
Something you're good at, what you're good at, is the key to career growth.
But this is not always the case gives a sense of happiness and fulfillment.Sometimes there is a feeling of the senselessness of what you're doing.
it is All about the finish. In all. It all depends on how you feel after. It is largely the determining factor.
If you want to find your ikigai, you must find something that gives you the aftertaste of happiness, satisfaction and meaning.

Learn what knowledge you are seeking, what skills you wish to acquire.What are you happy to talk to friends and family?
What Internet resources (websites, blogs, forums) you go to most often in your spare time?
Go to a book supermarket, and trusting your heart, near which Department you're ready to forget time immersed in the study of themes and trends?
Study your home library that have collected there all this time? Just leave alone those books which you acquired owing to the nature of their work.
What knowledge do you inspire?

3. Benefits
what is your activities useful to people?
What kind of problems you can solve?
You have to be sure that what you are doing in demand and people want.

ikigai differs from what you like to do? You get a decent reward!
But unlike the work that you do for a living, in this case, the money is a nice bonus for what you do with love and enthusiasm!

so, let me remind you. Ikigai is at the intersection o:
-what man loves to do;
-that person is able to do;
-what people want;
-for what people pay money.

Victoria Manastyrnoy - one who helps others to find your ikigai!

Manastyrnoy Victoria
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