this reminds me of the phrase Faina Ranevskaya about the fact that "other half happens pills and the*boundary, and we initially whole".

Yes, that's right - half is the brain, Apple, butt, etc... Every man by nature is originally complete (from the indigenous word "whole"). When we go on the road of life, grow and develop, grow up, go through the stage of socialization, we are surrounded by parents, caregivers, teachers, friends and neighbors who tell us that for each of us in this world has their own soulmate, a perfect man (I want to note that "perfect" is "unreal" image, one that does not exist), which met, we will be necessarily happy.

Around us a lot of meta-messages, such as "You will meet someone who will make you happy." The meaning of this message is Only with another person you can be happy, and happiness is difficult to achieve. Or more like "in Order to marry well, you need to be good, humble and all like my future husband" , but here the meaning is Different, a person need show only all his good traits, and those that are bad – to hide, i.e. to pretend that everything is good and everyone is always like.

it is Important to learn to be happy yourself, not to wait that someone will come and will make life wonderful, that all the problems with man's arrival in our lives come to an end and happiness at all times. Need to find and reveal YOURSELF TO the other half (we're looking for in another). After all, what are we looking for in another person is what we lack!

So, the second half is important to find and reveal, becoming the consistent and harmonious, then in this condition we will be able to attract into your life as a holistic partner and the relationship will not be at the level of "Give me happiness. Make me happy. Solve my problem" and of "Mutual exchange and we will share with each other what filled inside." And what is stuffed inside – it depends on each of us.

After all, when a man and a woman begin a relationship, each of them included in this space and brings something of their own: someone pain and mistrust from a previous relationship, someone's feeling of pity and fear, and someone joy and gratitude. All of these energies, States, thoughts and emotions we fills the newly created space relations. And each pair is responsible for themselves and their feelings in these relationships first and foremost. But it often happens that the partner wants to shift the responsibility on the other partner.

We're in each other exactly what is missing in ourselves. Originally we whole and on an unconscious level know how to be solid, so we attract those gaps in the other.

But imagine this situation (and these situations are common, and I say this as a practicing psychologist, often seeing such situations in your office) – people met, fell in love with each other, found each other's missing halves, "rooted" to each other, live without each other can not, and suddenly something happens to one of the partners (care for another person, death) and the second person loses the meaning of life and himself. In such situations, the man says, "With my wife/ha I no longer live, I died with her. And people really cease to live your life, and just exist. Well, if in this state, a person comes to a psychologist to help itself to come to life and begin to live again.

I Wish everyone to find their lost and forgotten parts, to become holistic and happy!

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