How to find your true love when you are older.

Particularly difficult, as they grapple with what, in their opinion, is "fate", sometimes you feel pretty much "too old" to find someone for the first time or again. Of course, you can meet and fall in love at any moment of his life. I am very happy to share what has recently attended several weddings "old" friends and family members. Any again after a bitter breakup, a difficult divorce, abusive relationships and financial disasters occur.

so how do you find love when you are not so young?

In my experience, if you want to be in a relationship, you will, regardless of age. But it requires experience and a deeply negative attitude to this idea, fearing. However, you need to focus on opportunities to meet someone and get acquainted - it is a means to achieve the goal, in contrast to apartment search or job search.

I Have had patients and friends from depressing depressing statistics associated with late marriage, but the statistics does not represent everyone everywhere. You are searching for "one person", not a harem.

Most people don't like Dating, and that's understandable. Dating is a series of "failures" before you really meet "the one (th)". As I often say, the search process require stamina. "In my experience, rather to open the possibility of a partnership, which for many is a problem. People say that really want to meet someone, but sometimes you do not know the fundamental reasons why that love unattainable for them.

What prevents it?

  • the Feeling that you failed when the first date is not automatically triggered. When you become sad and discouraged, if "they lived happily ever after" happens immediately.
  • You think that everyone else is successful in relationships and you are the only exception.
  • You can easily give up Dating.

As a romantic search at any other age, it is about willingness to find yourself in him and patience in the process. This is necessary to meet with someone who could potentially be your partner for life - your personal journey. This is necessary in order to lead you to the person that suits you. It requires time, endurance and insight. And for success you must make the decision not to give up.

I suggest 3 important advice:

  • Know who you are.
  • Know who you are looking for.
  • Have patience with the process - particular emphasis on this point!

to this end, I propose to work with therapist who specializes in issues of relationships. To conduct the emotional work necessary to prepare for Dating. You need to understand your "baggage", learn what your "triggers", your the type who will fit you and how to distinguish one from the other. How to recognize self sabotage attempt.

Figuring out what can lead you to successful find and create healthy relationships, not achievable for you in the past, may require one hour of psychotherapy.

Sometimes it is an inner stubbornness that did not allow you to appreciate who you have and the result you ended up with the worst potential partner, which you could get.

We don't always know what is right for us. And emotional work through therapy may be the key to meeting someone really wonderful. Sometimes meet with a wrong person is what we need to know what we do not want in a life partner, and what to avoid in the future.

Dating and Dating have no age restrictions. Love really does not get old, it's just the journey sometimes takes a while!

Bobkova Anna
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