How to find yourself?


People often creates the illusion of love, and thereby loses himself behind the curtain of tinsel.

Scared to love. The fear of betrayal. The lack of full faith. Fear of being alone. Intrigue, naigrannosti, lies, hypocrisy than most people all this sauce applies in their own lives, the farther it is from the truth and from himself. Love is not the desire to win cloaca for the sake of his ego or the desire to prove their superiority. Love is the silence in which the ocean is the purest sound.

Love is the Royal power, it requires to open the heart completely to 100%. Most people opens the heart part, not knowing what was so impossible as to love and to live - it's a sweet captivity of illusions.

Fear to break his heart, provokes to choose those with whom comfortable, cozy and looking and of course can't find it. This fear their exhausting, draining, makes aggressive, irritable.

He who lives dominated by fear, all his power energy and life giving in to the fear. It is necessary to start to look into their own fears and the man begins to awaken as a person. The spirit gets stronger and bigger the brain thinks. The man awakens and gets ready to open to love and surrender. Only by surrendering you receive the total freedom from all fears, and then open the door to meet true love!!! Look into the eyes of his own spirit, and unified spirit of a kind - this strength will help to pass all the tests. These tests are difficult, but that's what makes us true human. All the rest of the way puppet and the puppeteer is our fears, greed, self-centeredness, pride and shit. This is a more painful way.

Save us from the mud only the truth. The purer the man's thoughts, the purer it is as a vessel for making love.

Give love. Looking for love. Appreciate the love. Everything else is temporary and has no such values. Look at the faces of the elderly. Feel their inner world. Although looking in the face, it is all written. Pain, sorrow, period. Everything in life is run. Is it worth the fuss it spent the strength of our souls and nerves. In old age the face is beautiful only for those who passed and their love.
(the author Tatiana Obraztsova).
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Obraztsova Tatiana
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