the Modern woman is self-motivated, active, ambitious. Increasingly, she does not want to sit at home, limiting family responsibilities. On the contrary, woman seeks to go beyond the traditional female role, wanting to conquer the world! On the one hand, it gives her fulfillment and fullness of life. On the other, often making her life in stress and imbalance. After all, these female roles (wife, mom, domestic goddess) has not been canceled. And very often, a woman is literally torn between the home and office, between bold goals and a quiet family life. How to stop break and find balance in life — this will be discussed in this article.

we All know the technics "Wheel of life" in which we assess satisfaction with each area of your life. Typically, these areas distinguish 8: 1) health and physical health; 2) family/ personal life; 3) occupation; 4) material goods and money; 5) environment; 6) the brightness of life; 7) personal growth; 8) spiritual development. It is believed that the same in all spheres of life — an indication that our "wheel of life" goes smoothly.

But no one tells about the most important component of any wheel. And if we turn to the technical side of this issue, we will see that in each of the wheels (bike, car) has an axis, which, in fact, this wheel rests, and around which it revolves. And how durable this axis also largely depends on the quality of the ride.

What is this axis around which revolves our wheel of life? This is myself, my condition, my level of fullness, my state of the resource. It all starts with yourself! And if the woman is completely empty, if its energy balance is at zero, then how can she give: care, love, attention? Nohow.

of Course, the modern woman manages to give, forgetting about himself, putting himself and his desires in the last place, not seeing it as some great values. In the end, sooner or later there comes a moment when her balance is not just in Nola, he is in a huge disadvantage. Here appears in all its glory of wild fatigue, irritability, guilt, the feeling that "I'm a bad mother and wife", "I have nothing", a sense that "something's wrong," the state of emptiness.

As a rule, a woman's faded appearance with a message of "I don't want anything! I don't need anything! Fall behind!". This condition of loss of self, no awareness of their true needs or ignoring them in favor of other people and tasks. In this state, she definitely can not give anything neither my husband nor children, nor work! What to do?

To a woman to successfully combine a career with their complex professional challenges and family with her domestic concerns, we must first take care of your state of the resource, to show love and care for myself. That is, to strengthen, to harden, to regularly "lubricate" axis around which revolves the wheel of life.

the first thing to do for every woman is to become aware of itself in the mad flow of life, to put himself and his condition in the first place, to hear finally her true desire to commit those actions really energize that completely reboot and update, give a brand new fresh state, a state of ease, flow, inspiration, unconditional love and joy.

How to do it? That's valuable recommendations, following which you will never lose yourself in an endless stream of cases, no longer torn between the stove and career, and any problems will be solve easily, like a child's puzzle.

first, realize that you want! Honestly answer this question. Safely write a list of your wishes without evaluation it is foolish/not foolish. Maybe right now you want to get up and stretch, and maybe right now take your favorite book to read before bed. So do it! Just do it! Allow yourself that! And constantly updates the list of "I WANT" gradually fulfilling it. This alone can radically change your state!

second, put yourself in first place among other important areas. Yes, the family is important, love and attention to her husband and children. Certainly important work and all the valuable projects that you do. But the most important thing in all this is you! Who needs your tired and dull appearance? I think children will be happier if mom would like a maltreated horse? I think someone will admire the fact that you sacrifice yourself? It's like a plane: first put the mask myself, then. First take care of yourself, then you can and others to provide quality care.

third, raking his "debt". Write a list of what you "should" do, what "should" be. Analyze: who should? why should it? who said that? what happens if you don't want to do this? what if you're different? for who you are. I'm sure many of these "debts" just flimsy your perfectionism or imposed on someone. Safely get rid of all the excess: beliefs (a good mother needs to spend much time with children), stereotypes (a woman must deal with family, not a business), the business (in my house must always be perfect cleanliness). Do not forget about the help: the kids can do to clean up the toys, the husband can at the weekend to take the kids, mother-in-law can pick them up from sections

fourth, every day take time for yourself! Let it be 10 minutes, but only yours! Fill this time as you want. Of course, from point No. 1.

fifth, take care of your guests. How do you relax? Tidy, Laundry, cleaning? Do you like this holiday? It is, indeed, you or reloads from a rest, you become more irritable? If the second option, then think about how you want to rest? And have a rest!

sixth, be imperfect! Make your experiment for the week: let it be perfectly clean in the house, not always during dinner, not always a fridge full of groceries, you're not always smiling, not always willing to help, to listen... Relax and just watch what is happening. At the end of the experiment, I'm sure you'll want to extend it for a lifetime!

Smirnova Tatiana
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