How forgiving infidelity? If you decide previous article to work with this issue, then we offer you some sequence of actions. Here are some stages can be skipped, if they were conscious before you, and many can be repeated:

1. Opening:

1) Accept the fact that the offense took place. Not protected from it;

2) Admit that you have anger, aggression, irritation;

3) Realize that the offense is spending too much precious time looking for or punishment of the perpetrators;

4) Admit that you are ashamed of the incident;

5) be Aware of personal involvement in the rehearsal of grievances. Think about it;

6) you understand that hurt, compares himself with the abuser;

7) understanding of the changing attitudes in the world.

2. Decision-making:

1) a change in the perception and understanding that the old strategy of getting rid of resentment does not work;

2) Willingness to consider forgiveness as the preferred choice;

3) Willingness to forgive the offender.

3. Phase steps:

1) the Revision of their views on the offender and the situation in General. Proterivanje yourself in the shoes of the offender;

2) Empathy towards the offender. Understanding of it;

3) Awareness of their own empathy for the offender;

4) the Absorption of pain.

4. Phase result:

1) Find personal meaning for myself and others in forgiveness.

2) Understand their own need to be forgiven by others;

3) Understand the fact that people are not isolated and many have been in similar situations;

4) Understanding – experienced offense can change a life. And it is in your power changing

5) Recognize and accept that negative feelings toward the offender already and increase positive decrease.

And he feels the man who changed? He can boast about a lot to defend, to blame, to pretend that nothing happened or that he is a hero and Each manifests itself differently, but in any case not in such a situation the winner.

the Question "How to forgive infidelity?" arises on the part of the offender. In the next article we will discuss the stages of receiving forgiveness. We are sure it will interest many!

the experience of counseling, if one person changes, for a serious relationship, he chooses his / her partner is somewhat similar to the previous one. But understand this over time. Whom it is enough to understand it in a couple of months, when the passion subsides and the rose-colored glasses fall off. But return back anymore. The previous relationship has been destroyed or grievance of the parties made it impossible for them to continue. The obstinacy and rigidity both did not allow the mind and imagination to reach a new level of relationship and enjoy the fellowship and joy with each other! So we have the man often not in the power of love, but because of the inevitability to build relationships elsewhere. Suffer the children, loved ones...

Imagine that you have three months to live! What do you do?

View the film "to reach heavens" or "not Yet done".

don't bother, don't waste your time on silly revenge. Live and enjoy your life! Perhaps with the person who you changed and forced to look at the world through different eyes!

to be Continued...

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