on 18 February this year an amazing holiday – forgiveness Sunday. Traditionally on this day people ask each other for forgiveness. Each of us has someone to forgive and from whom to ask forgiveness. Remember people to whom you have claims that have harmed you and those who once hurt you. It is now a unique opportunity to clear our lives of resentment and destructive negative emotions. How to do best, read on.

How to forgive: 3 steps to true forgiveness

1. The wisdom and position of the pupil

Oleg Gadetsky for true forgiveness encourages you to be wise and to be in the position of a student. What does it mean? It is important to realize that the world is fair the laws of love and abundance. The energy of love and abundance is manifested not only in blessings in our lives, but and problems. Difficulties in relationships is feedback from the world, allowing us to become better and to acquire new qualifications. And the people who cause us suffering are our great teachers.

2. The realization of a valuable lesson

it is Important to consider the message valuable lesson, which has the problematic situation. What qualities do you need to educate correctly to get out of the circumstances? You may need to get rid of pride and selfishness, to cultivate acceptance and unconditional love. And perhaps, to abandon the position of victims and learn to identify your boundaries. Each of your lessons. How to understand them? It is important to be in harmony with the world and aware of their connection with him, then, many answers come to us in the form of inner feelings or hints in the external manifestations (e.g., from books, from lectures, or from communication with peers).

3. Thanks

you Must thank the person for attending in our lives, even in such a painful way. After all, he helped us to become stronger, to become aware of their weaknesses and begin to change.

These three steps are the key to true forgiveness. A deep inner awareness of the value of the message from offenders by itself allows us to free the heart from resentment. Here is important our inner work with yourself.

Effective letter of forgiveness in which you need to describe in detail what it is you forgive the offender, and meditation. For example, meditation is "the Liberation from resentment" Oleg Gadetsky already helped thousands of people to do a great work on forgiveness and to be open to happiness and joy in life. It will definitely help you. To watch it you can here:

How to ask for forgiveness: 3 steps to apologize

1. To understand that my actions have brought suffering to man

From childhood we are taught to ask for forgiveness after the mistakes and wrong actions. But often even in adulthood we do not know how to do it. Remember your feelings in the situations when you need to apologize. Everything inside is compressed, rolled a lump in my throat and it is difficult to utter even a word. In the best case the process is implemented quiet word "sorry". Internally we can be insincere in their words and intentions, confident in his innocence and the injustice of the other person.

it is Important to understand that even if we didn't want to hurt someone, we could do it unconsciously. If a person has experienced pain when dealing with us, it's a reason to apologize.

2. Have the honesty to admit a mistake

we All make mistakes: in communication, in work, in parenting. But it is important to have honesty and sincerity, to recognize them in front of other people. Oleg Gadetsky in one of his articles says that the best training, the best message to your child is an example of a parent who asks for forgiveness. Thus a parent shows their imperfection, their weakness and embeds in the subconscious mind of the child a valuable way of behavior in situations when a mistake was made. So the child easily learns to apologize and to forgive.

3. Speak sincerely and with kind words

again, remember the people who are mad or angry at you. The day of Forgiveness Sunday you can ask their forgiveness, both personally and in your thoughts, in your mind or writing a message on paper. It is important to be sincere and speak the words of forgiveness from the heart and kind words. For example, "please Forgive me, I was wrong. I'm sorry that my actions caused you pain or discomfort."

Now you know how to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Listen to your inner voice and receive knowledge. This will tell you how to behave in difficult situations. If you act with pure intentions, you will feel an extraordinary lightness after forgiveness. May your heart be cleansed of insults and claims will be opened and true happiness, harmony and love!

In conclusion, I would like to cite the inspiring words of the sage Vidura from the Indian epic "Mahabharata". Think over them.

"Forgiveness is a virtue of the weak and ornament of strong. Forgiveness subdues all in this world. What can be achieved through forgiveness? What is the harm of evil people for those who have in hand is the sword of forgiveness? The fire, falling on the bare ground, goes out himself. Not knowing how to forgive humiliating and detestable. Forgiveness is an ultimate peace, and benevolence - Supreme happiness!"

You can also share with us his experience of forgiveness, life stories, thoughts, realizations. Please write in the comments who you need to forgive and from whom to ask forgiveness in the day of Forgiveness Sunday.

this Article was prepared by the copywriters of the project "Psychology of the third Millennium" on the basis of transcribed training Oleg Gadetsky.

Gadetsky Oleg
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